The Real Green Sustainable Kitchen

We have been busy collaborating with another kitchen manufacturer creating a truly stunning kitchen which we feel will really shake up the market.

The REAL GREEN kitchen

It’s the UK’s first and only sustainable kitchen, made using bamboo which is extremely hard wearing, fast growing and sustainable. It’s a solid wood kitchen with a BIG difference!

Available painted in any colour and in bespoke sizes - it is something to be appreciated.

The pictures don’t do it justice and we are hoping to have a display on show soon in our showroom.

It will also be fully accredited as an Eco Friendly kitchen.

More details to follow soon.

Real Green Sustainable Kitchen

What Makes Bamboo Kitchens Sustainable?

If produced in a sustainable manner, bamboo is the most eco-friendly alternative to conventional solid wood. Raw bamboo culms can be converted into timber and plywood using a lower carbon footprint and keeping impact on nature to a bare minimum. This is mostly thanks to the fact that eco-friendly bamboo grows unbelievably quickly.

As far as biology is concerned, bamboo is grass, however its fibres are so strong that they can be easily processed into solid material. As any type of grass, bamboo grows quickly and it doesn’t need replanting like a tree plantation would. It simply produces new shoots. For it to become usable for building sustainable kitchens, a bamboo shoot needs to grow for 5 years. This may sound like a lot, however, maple, oak and other solid wood used in conventional bespoke kitchens, will take 100 or more years to re-grow.

Besides, maintaining a tree plantation is very labour consuming and carbon intense. A sustainble bamboo plantation requires virtually no care. Little to no pesticides are used because bamboo is very resilient. It also doesn’t require watering as the its natural environment provides everything it needs for growing. And once it’s cut off after 5 years of growing, the cycle continues and a new shoot appears.

All these aspects make our eco kitchen range one of the best sustainable options ever – no trees will be cut down to make our Real Green kitchens.

Eco Kitchen - Inside the Drawer

Mechanical Strength of Eco-friendly Bamboo Timber

Sustainable kitchens have to have sufficient mechanical features as well as eco-friendly features for it to be a successful commercial product. Thankfully, bamboo is in some ways better than conventional timber.

Unlike most plywood materials available for sale now (unless they're marked formaldehyde-free) the process of bamboo laminated timber mainly uses resin glue or non-toxic special glue relative to traditional woodworking glue.

If processed and laminated correctly, bamboo timber has superior physical features compared to other popular kitchen materials such as oak and pine.

Here's a table containing comparison of mechanical strength between bamboo laminated timber and solid oak and pine. It's truly surprising how strong this material is.


Dry shrinkage factor (%)

tensile strength (MPa)

Bending strength (MPa)

Compressive strength (MPa)






Solid Oak





Solid Pine





Real Green Eco Kitchen - Side View


What's Inside the Eco Kitchen Tall Cabinet


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