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The first thing people ask us is what colours do you do?  our answer is “All of them!” – We colour match the paint to anything you want.

We just need a name or RAL code to start working on your bespoke painted kitchen

When it comes to painting your beautiful new kitchen then you have a few different options.

Firstly you could let us take care of it for you, we can spray your painted kitchen in the workshop and send it to you pre painted, ultimately there may well be a small knocks or scrapes along the way during fitting, but dont worry we supply a touch up kit to rectify this, and this adds to the handmade nature of your kitchen.  Please note that when we spray paint we only paint the faces of the cabinets that will be visible, so for example a cabinet that is visible both sides will be painted on the front, and both sides, whereas a cabinet that is between two other cabinets will only be painted on the front.   This is standard with handmade kitchens, and helps us to keep the prices as low as they are.


We would much prefer you to have the kitchen “Raw/Unfinished’  this gives you the option to fit the kitchen, fill and touch up any screw holes, pocket screw holes or dents or damage caused during fitting and then prime and paint it.  We would always recommend fitting and painting your kitchen as soon as possible as an unpainted (unsealed) kitchen will soak up moisture in the atmosphere and can cause joints to split or warping to occur. When filling any holes we recommend using a two part filler for strength – if you need any more information on this please speak to us.

In our opinion the Raw/Unfinished option gives the best finish and will be our recommended option for those interested in painted kitchens. – See our FAQ’s for more information


However not everyone wants to or feels confident enough to paint a kitchen, but there are professionals out there that can help, one such network we have come across is  they work nationally and can provide you with quotes free of charge.  In our experience the cost would be roughly the same as getting us to paint it in the workshop.  Other companies that have been recommended to us are , &

Please note that whilst we recommend Traditional Painters we cannot oversee or guarantee their work as they are a separate company.

Colour Matching Service for Painted Kitchens

If we paint the cabinets for you we use a colour matching service, which whilst very good wont be 100% accurate.

If you wish to see a test sample before we paint the main kitchen, then please get in touch with us. Please note, that due to the colour matching costs and the follow on costs of cleaning the equipment afterwards, we charge a flat rate of £100 for this service.

If you’d prefer to have your painted kitchen cabinets and doors pre-oiled, we can also do this for you. Please let us know and we would be happy to help.

Painting or oiling your own doors

You may want to paint, or oil the doors yourself. We’ve put together a few guidelines which you might like to refer to.

If you decide to oil the doors yourself, then we recommend a product called Danish Oil. This is a treatment and stain which can be bought online quite readily, or from any reputable DIY store. This kind of oil is ideal for treating quality, durable wood like Oak. It will bring out the grain of the wood, and will also give a subtle sheen, which looks natural in the daylight and effective under electric light. Danish Oil is something that actually treats the wood from the inside, and will give it longevity.

There are also a selection of great YouTube Videos below, which show different ways of completing the painted kitchen projects yourself:

Advice on Oak Kitchens – 

If you are planning on oiling your Oak cabinets please make sure you oil them first with a “Colour Free” oil, this will seal the door in its natural state.

If you want to darken the natural oak you can then use a coloured oil.

The reason we recommend this is that if any filler has been used on the door, to hid pin holes or joins the filler will tend to soak up the colour a lot more than the wood, so if you put a coat of ‘coloured’ oil on first you will find the filler will be darker and be more obvious.

We also recommend you do plently of VERY thin coats of oil, this will give you more protection that one thick coat and also look a lot better.

Again there are plenty of videos on YouTube regarding ways of doing this and we suggest you research thoroughly before oiling.

We’re always on hand if you need us or want to talk through any aspect of your brand new painted kitchen design. If you can’t get into the showroom, you can simply call us on 01202481177, or if you prefer, you can email us at We’d love to talk to you and make your dream kitchen a reality!







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