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Another of the most important features of your kitchen will be the worktops. It makes sense to take your time over choosing this element.

We can supply and deliver a whole host of solid wood worktops with your order and we have an extensive catalogue to choose from.

Thinking about the best worktop

The worktop in your kitchen is the one surface that works the hardest. It makes sense to firstly think about your budget and how much you want to lay out for your worktops.

You may want to have a worktop that totally complements your cupboards, so for instance, if they’re made of Oak, you may want a matching work area.
You’ll also need to think in terms of practicality and how much maintenance you want there to be over time.

Finally, think about the colours and textures you want in your kitchen. If your cupboards are painted and smooth, you might want your worktops to be the same. If you’ve got a rustic, country feel to the room, you might want warm shades of wood to complement.


Wood worktops

Solid and durable, wood worktops will offer any kitchen a classic and traditional feel. They will give your room a real warmth and character. You’ll need to remember that as wood is a natural material, there will always be variations in colour, tone and grain throughout. We stock a range of Oak and Teak worktops that are extremely high quality and long lasting for optimum performance, whether you’re a large family or a couple wanting to update their kitchen to a high standard.

Remember that the higher quality the oak or teak, the less grains and knots you will see in the finished product. The cheaper you go in terms of price, the more imperfections you will find. Teak is a great wood to consider for the wetter areas of your kitchen, perhaps around the sink as it has a very high natural oil content, so will repel dampness.


Granite and Quartz worktops

Granite and Quartz are two types of worktop have gained popularity over recent years. They are both strong, tough and very durable materials for creating solid, beautiful worktops from. They are well suited to those people who are very keen cooks – for instance, the colder surface makes both of these ideal for rolling out pastry or biscuits and provides an optimum evenness for kneading delicate foods like breads. As with wood, granites and quartzes are all natural materials, so there will be variations from piece to piece. These materials provide stain resistance too. You’ll always need to make sure you use chopping boards and put trivets down before putting anything hot down on these surfaces though. You should always ensure these worktops are sealed properly when they are installed.
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