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This page will show you the standard styles we offer and will cover all of the following areas:-

● Doors
● Plinths
● Cornices
● Pilasters
● Glazing
● Tall doors

But dont forget that if you have seen a style you like somewhere else, please just ask and we can advise if we can do it for you.
Firstly, whatever door style you choose, your new kitchen will come on stunning oak veneered carcases, all supplied rigid and ready to install.
They also all come with Beautifully hand crafted Dovetailed Oak Drawer boxes as standard. 

Door styles
Many kitchens will keep to one theme throughout the room, but there are really no hard and fast rules. We have lots of options for you. Below, you’ll find our list of styles for all our different doors:
Ultimately it will depend on how decorative you want your finished kitchen to be.

All the doors can be made with Various Material, Moisture Resistant MDF is our Norm as it is strong, durable, doesn’t warp or soak up moisture, we can also make the doors using Beech, but you will need to sign a wood disclaimer if you want this, see our FAQ’s on what the cabinet are made of for more info

D1 Doors:

Plain 40mm frame – Panelled shaker door with no beading.
Rails Moisture Resistant MDF *Beech is available, Centre Panel Ply

D2 Doors:

Cock beaded 40mm frame – Panelled shaker door.
Rails Moisture Resistant MDF *Beech is available, Centre Panel 

D3 Doors:

Cock beaded 40mm frame – Panelled Shaker door with beading around the centre panel.
Please note the beading will differ depending on what is available from suppliers – but we do try and maintain the look as much as possible.
Rails Moisture Resistant MDF *Beech is available, Centre Panel Ply

D4 Doors:

Plain 40m frame with Panelled Shaker door that has beading on centre panel. This is recommended with the DR4 Drawer style.
Rails Moisture Resistant MDF *Beech is available, Centre Panel Ply

Modern Classic:

40mm frame – Slab doors and drawers.
Rails Moisture Resistant MDF *Beech is NOT available on this style.
Hinges – Butt Hinges are not available on this style of door – the doors are too heavy to allow butt hinges to work proplery with this. 

DR1 Drawers:
Shaker or Flat Slab with no beading.

DR2 Drawers:
Shaker or Flat Slab with beading around the frame.

DR3 Drawers:
Shaker with beading around the frame and beading around the drawer Panel.

Side panels
Side Panels are designed to sit almost flush with the front frame.  This is a feature of the design, see a picture of the D2 style below

Plinth styles
Listed here are all the different styles for our plinths:

P1 Plinth

Plant on Plinth – This is our standard and most popular plinth.  This is best when you have uneven or sloping floors as it can be scribed in to the floor.
It also gives a lovely traditional freestanding feel to a kitchen

P2 Plinth

Leg Plinth – legs on each cabinet and plinth set back.  This is our most Unforgiving plinth – if your floor is not level then this isnt a good option as it will look like your kitchen is floating

P3 Plinth

Recessed Plinth – As with most modern kitchens this is recessed and gives an open feel.

Cornice Styles
We offer different styles of cornices:

C1 Cornice

Traditional Decorative Cornice.
*this is not the exact style of cornice, please contact us for photos of the current style.

C2 Cornice

Modern Squared Cornice.

C3 Cornice

Tangent Cornice.

Pilaster styles
We also offer three varying styles of Pilasters:
BM14 – Decorative Pilaster – Very traditional column like pilaster.
BM16 Post Pilaster – A squared post to give a chunky solid look.
BM19 – Fluted Pilaster – Squared pilaster with decorative fluting.

Glazing styles
We have many  different options for glazing, please ask us for more information.

Tall doors
Wood is a natural product and it does move, so whenever we have a tall door we have to have a cross bar to help the door keep its shape and not bend, the placement of this bar can change the entire look of your kitchen.

Below are some examples of what we can do

FH3 70-30 - White

70:30 Door Bar

FH3 50-50 - White

50:50 Door Bar

FH3 3 Panels - White

3 Panel Door Bar

General Cabinet information:
All of our cabinets are made from either Moisture Resistant MDF, Beech or oak doors and frames (dependant on your choice) all carcasses are made from Oak Veneered MDF, and all drawer boxes are Dovetailed Oak or veneered oak with Oak ply base and soft close runners where available. Heights, widths and depths are all adjustable between the minimum and maximums for each cabinet, there is a 50mm service void as standard on all cabinets.

A note on painting and oiling:
We can deliver all your cabinets and doors to you in their unpainted state, ready for you to finish yourself.

If you prefer we can either spray paint, or oil them for you in our factory. For this service we offer one colour as standard and charge £100 thereafter for every different colour you may choose.

We offer a colour matching service, all you need to do is simply provide us with a swatch of the colour you wish to have your cupboards painted with. We will always try to match as closely as possible, but there may on occasion be slight variations.

If you’re planning on painting or oiling your doors yourself, we have a few ‘how to…’ guides which feature on our ‘Available Materials’ and our ‘Painting’ page.

We’re always on hand if you need us or want to talk through any aspect of your brand new kitchen design. If you can’t get into the showroom, you can simply call us on 01202481177, or if you prefer, you can email us at We’d love to talk to you and make your dream kitchen a reality!

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