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When choosing your sinks and taps, we’re here to help.

We have an extensive range of kitchen plumbing solutions for all your needs.

Alongside this decision, you may also want to consider whether you want waste disposal too.

Before you choose a sink or taps, think about the following things:

● The size of your sink cabinet
● Whether you want a single or half bowl.

You may also need to consider how much the sink will be used and what for. A single bowl sink is the most functional and will offer the greatest amount of space for a family. However, if your family is particularly large or you simply need the extra room, you may want to opt for two bowls.


We offer the following types of sink:

Belfast (single or double): These are handmade fireclay ceramic sinks which are very hard-wearing. Each sink is unique, and will have its own distinct characteristics as they are traditionally made. Please note that because of this, you may notice that there are natural marks under the glaze. These are not defects, but they give the finished sink real character and distinction. You might therefore notice slight variations in the dimensions.

Price start from £163 inc VAT

Inset ceramic sinks (single, or one and a half bowl): These are handmade fireclay ceramic sinks. Durable and hard-wearing. They are handmade and so each one will be unique and have its own distinct characteristics. You may find natural marks under the glaze, these are not defects and are part of the build of the sink. As a result of all of the above dimensions for these types of sink may vary slightly.

Prices start from £209 inc VAT.

Under mounted ceramic (single or half bowl): A heavy duty handmade fireclay ceramic sink. These are extremely durably constructed and can be mounted conventionally. They are traditionally made and so dimensions may vary slightly from sink to sink.
Prices start from £146 inc VAT



When it comes to choosing your taps, think about taps that have a solid body and ceramic discs. Ceramic discs are the safest and most long lasting option for optimal performance.
We offer the following types of tap:
Quarter turn cross handle Monobloc tap (with or without pull out spray/water filter): Monobloc taps, with dual flow and a minimum of 0.35 bar pressure. Ceramic disks with one quarter turn valves. All these taps come supplied with rigid copper tail pipes.
Prices start from £76 inc VAT
3 in 1 Hot Water Tap: Non pressurized 2.4 litre tank, for extra reassurance. Tank has an electronic display. It will heat water within seven to eight minutes from cold supply. Includes a filter and has a minimum pressure of 1 bar.
Prices start from £521 inc VAT
Traditional Bridge Mixer: Single flow with minimum 0.35 bar pressure. Ceramic disc with quarter turn valves. Optional extras – interchangeable hands in assorted finishes.
Prices start from £175 inc VAT

Waste Disposal Systems

We also offer a Waste Disposal System which is compatible with all the sinks in our brochure.
Price starts from £160 inc VAT
We have an extensive online catalogue, outlining in detail all the Sinks and Taps we offer. You can view these her.
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