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We have three main ranges available, but we are quite versatile so can do almost anything.

The three ranges are:-

1. Lay-on – This is what most of us would call a standard kitchen, but the way we do it is far from standard, we use top quality stunning MFC boards for the carcase and we make each door and panel by hand in the style you want and paint them in the colour you choose.

2. Our In-Frame Classic Range – This is what we are famous for – a stunning in-frame kitchen with Dovetailed Oak drawer boxes and beautiful Veneered oak carcase, teamed up with beautifully made in-frame doors painted in any colour.
This range is available Raw (but with the insides lacquered), Primed or Fully finished.

3. The Real Green Range  – Our fully sustainable Bamboo kitchen, certified as fully sustainable and agreed as 100% beautiful! Can be in-frame or Lay-on style – a truly stunning and versatile kitchen – Painted in any colour you choose.

Some basic information about what they are made of is below, but if you have specific questions please just ask.

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Our PlanOur PlanOur Plan
Classic In-Frame
Real Green
Carcase constructionMFC available in a range of coloursMDF Oak Veneered and LacqueredLacquered bamboo
Drawer boxesMFCDovetailed OakBamboo
Available in any colour
Available Pre Painted
Available Pre Primed and Lacquered
Available Lacquered interior and Raw exterior
Available in different door style
Door ConstructionMDFMoisture Resistant MDF or Beech*Bamboo
Hinges availableSoft CloseButt or Soft CloseSoft Close
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*if you want Beech Doors we need to know beforehand as we will ask you to sign a disclaimer about warping and issues with wooden doors.  If you do not specify Beech doors we will use the preferred and recommended Moisture Resistant MDF.

The material you choose for your kitchen doors will depend entirely on the style you want to achieve and of course, your lifestyle, your needs and your kitchen requirements.
We always have several different options available for our customers and you’re welcome to enquire about these at any time.

Before you decide on the sort of material you want. It is important to think about whether you want to paint the doors to your cupboards, or whether you want to simply oil or stain them.
If you’ve answered with a resounding ‘YES’ to painting, then we always recommend that you opt for Moisture resistant MDF. This product is durable and gives a superb, smooth finish for paint. In addition to this, it won’t reveal the grain of the wood and knots won’t show.

Painting or oiling your new kitchen cupboard doors

Some general guidelines on oiling your cabinets and doors.
If you decide you would rather oil your cabinets and doors for that more natural appearance – and to let the wood’s beauty really shine through, there are a few simple guidelines to follow:

We personally choose to use Danish Oil when we undertake this job. This can easily be bought online, or from any good DIY specialist. It benefits from having a low sheen finish and really is a versatile product. It not only makes the wood look stunning, but nourishes from the inside, meaning that your cupboards and doors will remain protected for longer.

There are many other good, nourishing oils you can buy from DIY stores to help with your project. For instance, you may want something with a higher level of sheen than Danish Oil can give. It is always worthwhile checking with your local store to see what they have on offer that suits your needs and your own budget.

One point to note is that you should never directly paint the inside of your kitchen cupboards. This is a matter of aesthetics first and foremost. Paint on the inside of cupboards will tend to mark and scratch much more quickly than oiled wood. This can make the wood itself look aged and damaged, when it really isn’t.

We’re always on hand if you need us or want to talk through any aspect of your brand new kitchen design. If you can’t get into the showroom, you can simply call us on 01202481177, or if you prefer, you can email us at We’d love to talk to you and make your dream kitchen a reality!

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