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In terms of hinges for your doors, we offer a wide variety of different styles from the classic and traditional, to the latest in modern design, with soft close fastenings.

A soft close hinge works in exactly the same way as a traditional hinge in terms of its operation.

The biggest benefit they offer to your kitchen is that they have a built in mechanism which helps to prevent the cupboard doors from slamming.

You’ll tend to see more of these type of hinges on modern kitchen installations, particularly in new-build homes – but they’re becoming an ever more popular choice for those who are simply looking to renovate their own homes.

Soft close hinges offer all you want from a traditional hinge, with just the added edge of modernity. They will cost, on average, slightly more than a regular style, so you should refer to our price guides for details.

*Please note that with some door styles and soft close hinges the frame is so large that we will need to introduce packers to the move the hinges further out so the doors close and work properly.

Alternatively, you may want a more traditional hinge for your kitchen cupboards, simply to keep with the theme you want. We also offer a broad range of these two in varying styles and finishes:


All of our hinges are BRASS core with top coating of colour chosen – this makes them ideal for Handmade kitchens, rigid by flexible enough for movement.

Satin Chrome plated Butt Hinge – Looks like Stainless Steel 

Chrome Plated Butt Hinge

Brass Butt Hinge Option
Antique Brass Plated Butt Hinge

Copper Plated Butt Hinge

Types of hinge explained & options

There are two main types of hinge that are used in kitchen design throughout the UK, but each of those have their own subdivisions. Here is a brief guide to the main designs:


Butt Hinges

These are the standard hinges that come with our cabinets, they have been around for many hundreds of years and are likely to be around a lot longer, they give a distinct “bespoke” feel to a kitchen, are simple to use and operate and reliable.

Butt hinges are NOT available on the Modern Classic Style door

Soft Close Concealed Hinges

We offer an upgrade from the Butt hinges to a soft close version, this isn’t available on all our cabinets, but will work with the majority (If you choose Modern Classic Door style this is the only option).  It gives you the modern luxury of not having to push the door fully closed each time, just push it and leave it, it will close itself.
Full overlay concealed hinge: This sort of hinge is the one used by the vast majority of manufacturers, as it will completely hide the cabinet that the doors are being attached to. They are fully adjustable. They also allow for the door of the cupboard to be completely in line with the cabinet when you look at it straight on.
Half overlay concealed hinge: In essence, these are the same as the full overlay concealed hinge, however, they will also allow for the mounting of a door on either side of a central panel. The half overlay panel will have a bend in its construction, which allows the edge of the door to cover the side panels.
Inset concealed hinge: This type of hinge is quite different to the first two. This style has a crank in it, which means that cupboard doors can be inset into the frame of the cabinet. These sorts of hinges are best used on kitchen cupboards and doors which are classic and traditional rather than contemporary.

Fake Butt Hinges

If you choose the soft close hinge option you lose the look of a Butt hinge.  Many people love this look, we have found a company in America that makes “Fake” butt hinges for just such a scenario!!  Available in a range of colours please see our price list for details.

Blind Corner 

Blind corner hinge: These are really only used when there is only an inline fascia to attach to. You will always need a minimum distance of around seventy millimeters from the fascias inside edge to fix the plate and hinge to.
Bi-fold corner hinge: These are only used for double door cabinets and are the perfect hinge design for those who want corner cabinets in their kitchens.

Door Stoppers and holding doors closed
With butt hinges we offer magnetic door stops as standard – these are our preferred method of holding the door closed, they are reliable, have no moving parts and will last a lifetime – They are available in Chrome only.
On Soft close hinges you do not need anything to hold the door closed as the hinge will do this itself, there will be just a simple wooden stopper for the door to close up against
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