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When you’re buying a kitchen from us, we don’t supply handles as standard, we have a great range available which you can order, or if you prefer you can purchase them elsewhere.

If you purchase from us these will not be fitted at the factory. We do this because not everyone has the same idea about where a door handle should be placed on a door. You may want them to be placed higher, or lower than we would naturally want to fit them.

The handles will always be dispatched as part of the main delivery and come to you with the rest of the order, ready for you to attach.

In our opinion, you should have the best quality door handles you can afford. You’ll find door handles everywhere, from online auction sites to DIY stores. They may initially cost you much less, but after a few weeks or months, or some heavy use they might start to fade, to work loose or to just not look as smart as they did when you first made your purchase.

You may pay slightly more for a handle from us, but you’ll be supplied with the best quality that lasts a long time and looks the part for as long as possible.
Things to think about when choosing cupboard door handles
● How much use will the cupboards in your kitchen get? Will certain cupboards get used more than others?
● How heavy or light handed are you?
●The various hand sizes the handle might have to accommodate, from young to old – think about anyone who might have conditions like arthritis etc. 
Don’t be afraid to test out door handles, making sure they feel comfortable. They may be aesthetically pleasing, but they may not be comfortable to handle, or stand up to much in the way of touch. The door handles you choose will need to stand up to being pulled, touched and turned regularly so will need to be robust.
Think about the overall style of the kitchen before you choose handles; what look are you aiming for?
● A classic, traditional kitchen might call for wooden handles, or traditionally designed metal.
●A modern, contemporary kitchen might require something in glass or shiny chrome. 
We always recommend that when you’ve worked out how many handles you need and the style you want, that you add a couple of extra handles to your order. This will allow for accidents down the line, so you can replace them without any fuss.

Handle colours

We offer the following handle colours:
●Satin chrome
●Satin antique
●Satin nickel
● Brushed satin
●Brushed nickel
●Bright nickel
●Matt black
● Antique
We offer the following styles:
● Cup handles (prices start from £4.95)
●Knobs, either in metal or glass (prices start from £4.95 for metal and £7.00 for glass)
● Sturdy metal handles (prices start from £4.75)
We have an extensive catalogue, outlining in detail all the handles we offer. You can view these on the ‘calculator’ page here.
We’re always on hand if you need us or want to talk through any aspect of your brand new kitchen design. If you can’t get into the showroom, you can simply call us on 01202481177, or if you prefer, you can email us at We’d love to talk to you and make your dream kitchen a reality!

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