Product Choices

Choosing to renovate or replace your kitchen is just the start of a wonderful journey to improving your home.

If you have been on our Cabinet Prices page you will see that we have hundreds of basic products for you to choose from which can seem a little daunting.

On this page we are going to introduce and talk about the wide selection of customisations and product choices that are available.

How You Can Customise Your Kitchen

We have pages dedicated to the many product choices we offer. Each product choice gives you an additional way to personalise and customise your kitchen. Most, if not all, of our main product lines are customisable be it by size, shape or more commonly, materials used and finishes applied. With this in mind, we have produced individual pages on each of the choice sections:

We have one main range available, our premium range.  Each cabinet on our website is available in 3 finishes, Unpainted, Primed and Lacquered and Fully finished – But if you require anything else, Just ask

We have a wide range of door styles, plinth styles, cornice styles, pilaster styles and glazing styles for you to choose from.

Our range of hinges include soft close, magnetic catch & Butt hinges as well as material/finish choices such as chromed, Satin, Copper and brass.

First up, you can choose between painted (hand or spray painted), unpainted or Lacquered. We’re happy to Finish the furniture for you. If you choose for your products to be painted, please supply us with the paint code or name you wish us to use. Please note that all our pre painted products are transported to you wrapped on all visible edges, whilst this does a great job of protecting them there will sometimes be cases where the paint needs touching up on site. This is nothing to worry about and is quite standard. We provide a touch up kit ready for such instances, we also introduce a light brush stroke in our spray painted prducts to make touching up a lot easier.

Please check our handles page for more information and details on this.

Our catalogue includes a full range of tap and sink options designed to compliment your kitchen. Our sink cabinets are designed with several different sink types in mind.

We can arrange wooden worktops or solid stone or quartz worktops, just contact us or see our worktops range here for details

As you can see, each choice further individualises your kitchen without losing sight of our core principles and Quality.  Our aim is to always design, procure and create the highest quality products at affordable prices. We are sure you will be surprised how well our prices compare to the competition.

A little about Our cabinets

All of our cabinets are hand crafted in our factory, after an order has been put through and the deposit paid. This means we have a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to sizes and designs.
The most basic of all units in the kitchen is the base cabinet. This is our most popular order and is often the cornerstone of any kitchen, providing the main units either side of the oven, around the wall under the worksurface and up to the sink. Each unit tends to be 870mm high as standard, but can be between 860mm and 900mm. All will come with a standard 50mm void at the back unless stated otherwise.   For the full specifications, check out our Cabinet Prices page for full details of each product.
For our base cabinets, there are optional extras such as cock beading, priming and painting. This allows you to pick between natural finish, Lacquered or painted finishes in ANY colour!
The base cabinet forms the basic unit of your kitchen and sets the tone for it. The other elements tend to match the uniformity of the base cabinet range in terms of colour, material used, handles or knobs used, and whether there’s beading or not.
Our other ranges of cabinets are more of a personal choice and allow you to personalise your kitchen even further. They include electrical equipment housings such as integrated appliance cabinets – for example, dishwashers or integrated fridge freezers. There are also a range of bin housings, sink housings, oven housings, tall cabinets and wall cabinets. Just like with our base cabinets, there are a variety of options and styles, sizes, finishings, colours and accessories to complete them.

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We’re Happy to Answer Your Questions
At Classic Kitchens Direct we love answering your questions. If there’s not enough information here or on the pages we’ve listed above, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. No question is too difficult or too daft – we won’t bite!
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