Oven Housing

Classic Kitchens Direct offer 13 oven housing options.

These include designs for single ovens, wide ovens, 2 x single overs next to one another, integrated microwave or coffee machine to oven housings with cupboard options.

Naturally, prices include just the oven housing and no equipment.

We guarantee that all our oven housings are handcrafted at our workshops in Nottingham using natural materials at affordable prices.

Please note that Oven housings need to be looked at carefully, unfortunately Oven manufacturers don’t make it easy and all have a standard size.

You will need to check the manufacturers website and tell us how big you want the aperture to be to take your new oven.

We will then make it this size based on your request

Finishes: Oven housings can be ordered unpainted, oiled or painted.

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