Planning a Kitchen

We offer a Free design and CAD service using the very latest CAD systems.

No deposit required!

Planning your kitchen does not have to be a daunting task.

Actually, for many people it is a dream come true. Now you can have a place to cook which you are proud of.

But it can take time – please be aware that it takes a minimum of 8 weeks for us to build your kitchen, so you do need to plan ahead and get us the final details well in advance, please also note we are often booked up for months in advance so you can reserve a delivery slot, but as above we do need the 8 weeks to build a kitchen so do need a full signed off order in good time.

By choosing us, you are choosing a bespoke, handcrafted handmade wooden kitchens painted in any colour.

At Classic Kitchens Direct, we have a few planning options to help you along the way.

1. If you already have a layout from another kitchen company (or one you have done) that works for you, you can forward this and we work from this and prepare quotes and detailed CAD drawings.

2. Or you can simply give us some room sizes, and we can talk about what you want and need in your kitchen and we can come up with some ideas.

3. The third option is for us to arrange a home visit for a designer to measure the room, discuss with you what you would like and drawer up a design for you. Please note that this service does have an extra cost – please contact us for details.

Either way we will try and make it as painless as possible for you to get a quote from us.

Below is some useful information on each of these options:-

Check out our product range

First, get an idea of what pieces of furniture you are looking for, and what finishes and colours you would like to use. On our “Price List” page you will find a PDF attachment containing full details on our range of cabinets, drawers and other products, you can print this out or view it online, the same information is available in our “Kitchen Calculator” page.

The products we offer include:

Base Cabinets
Corner Cabinets
Wall Cabinets
Tall Cabinets
Sample Doors

For our cabinets  you need to consider the base materials such as MR MDF, beech, Veneered Oak, Oak, ect, the depth of the cabinet, width, height and then elements of the cabinets such as doors, drawers,  & side panels if needed. Special considerations need to be made for cabinets containing integrated appliances such as dishwashers, for those next to such cabinets, and for those which integrate a sink.

Each element comes with its own finishing options such as natural, oiled, Primed and painted, a full range of accessories including handles, knobs, beading, hinges and catches, and a range of work surfaces.

If in doubt, please also consider popping into our showroom in Christchurch, Dorset. And do not hesitate to drop us an email at or phone us on 01202 481177 for more information. We love working with customers to create wonderful, bespoke kitchens and are proud to have many of them on show on our gallery page.

Draw it out and send Us Your Kitchen Plan

Now you have your homemade plan, you can submit a list of cabinets you need or a sketch so we can calculate a full quote for you. Just email the list over to and we will do the rest for you.

When preparing a plan for a quote, bear in mind additional costs that you may wish to include. For example, check out which delivery service you are eligible for. If you want us to arrange a dry installation (without plumbing and electricity) then factor this cost in as well – you may need to speak to our staff to get an exact installation quote.

Once you have submitted your plan and requirements, we will ask for a deposit of 50% then will begin building the kitchen ready for delivery. Simple.

Cut and Paste an Elevation of your kitchen

It has proven popular, for people to download the file below, and cut and paste parts of your kitchen together to make an elevation, its simple and effective and gives a great impression of how your kitchen could look


A Few Free Aids

To help you plan your kitchen, we’ve got a few free aids for you to download. It’s always good to put pen to paper when planning a kitchen. It allows you to visualise, scrub off, start again and sketch while in the kitchen itself as it stands now. For this purpose you can download plain graph paper to print out (saves you buying a whole pad):


To also help the first time planner or the unsure, we have an example of a simple kitchen plan to give you a few ideas:


We also have a link to the full set of advice on design and our cabinets:


The Correct Steps to Planning a Kitchen

Step 1 – deciding on a layout

To keep things simple and manageable, it’s easier if you start planning a kitchen by deciding on its layout. There are five common layouts and in most cases you will have to choose among these unless your space is completely unorthodox, in which case we can still help. Being a bespoke kitchen builder, we’ve been known to fit a kitchen in spaces considered awkward by interior designers.

The choice of a kitchen layout should be dictated by its ergonomic qualities or the so-called “Kitchen work triangle” – the principle which places cooker, fridge and sink within an imagined triangle with the aim of reducing the total walking distance during meal preparation. having said that, many people completely disregard the Kitchen Work Triangle or solve its failings by introducing a kitchen island.

The most common kitchen layouts are:

1. G-shape kitchen

Excellent for creating a wrap-around kitchen making use of all four walls. Or alternatively, dividing a kitchen diner room with a neat breakfast bar.

2. U-shape kitchen

Useful when planning a kitchen in a confined space where you need to maximise the storage.

3. L-shape layout

Opens up the space nicely and allows for design experimentation if the space is big enough. In smaller spaces an L-shape can be considered a compromise on storage.

4. Galley kitchen

Super efficient in narrow and prolonged spaces. It also allows for a good execution of the working triangle. It is also possible to replicate the galley layout in a bigger kitchen diner by replacing the opposite wall units with a nice long kitchen island.

5. Straight layout

Ideal for small kitchenettes or if your kitchen diner area is out of proportion with one wall much longer than the other.

Step 2 – must-have list

Once you’ve picked the space and decided on the layout, make a bullet point list of your requirements. Think about your lifestyle – how much time are you going to spend in the kitchen and what sort of a cook are you (or aspiring to be). Do you want to keep things simple, or do you want extra options for experimenting with various foods and technologies?

Step 3 – How to build a practical kitchen

Think about all the practical considerations. How practical is it to fit your bullet point list within the space that you have? If the reality differs from the dream, is there an option to install a kitchen extension? Think about plumbing and heating as well as electricity outlets and lighting points. Do you have everything you need or are you going to need to consult a plumber and electrician before you continue planning a kitchen.

Step 4 – Styles and Colours

Go for some inspiration. Have a look at our existing customer kitchen galleries to decide what kind of style fits your house.

Step 5 – Tape measure

Make initial measurements and decide on how many cabinets and what type of cabinets can you fit in your new kitchen. We have a great kitchen price calculator that gives you a quick way to estimate the cost of the kitchen units. Have a look at the kitchen planning resources we’ve prepared for you here.

Step 6 – Consult a kitchen designer

Pick up a phone 01202 481177 or email us your initial plans to for a no-obligation critique and advice. We’ve got years of experience and we can suggest the best ways to overcome difficulties related to bespoke kitchen design.

Step 7 – Adjust and finalise

It is virtually impossible to get it right on the first attempt. Planning a kitchen is an intricate process that will probably require revisions and adjustments. Make sure you choose a company that allows revisions otherwise you are going to be locked into a bespoke kitchen deal that is not truly bespoke.

Case Study

We Designed Ada’s kitchen in CAD wich allowed us to create a 3D model of the Kictchen.

And here is it in reality!

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