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“Choosing to renovate or replace your kitchen is just the start of a wonderful journey to improving your home.”

Ordering Shaker Kitchens is Easy – 3 Simple Steps to a Perfect Kitchen

STEP 1: You Draw a Simple Plan

Check our Custom Cabinet Price Guide for every available cabinet with every option imaginable. Take a look at our customer gallery for inspiration and pick a kitchen style that suits your lifestyle. Measure up your kitchen, draw a simple plan and send us your plans.

STEP 2: We Finalise the Fixed-price Quote

We refine your plans, create detailed blueprints, draw 3D images for you so you can see what your handmade kitchen will look like. We give you a quote. Once you’re completely happy, we provide a fixed-price quote & start building your dream kitchen.

Or call our Dorset office for free advice:

STEP 3: We Build & Deliver Your Kitchen

On average we revise the plan 3 times and it can take 6 weeks to build a custom handmade kitchen. In our opinion it’s well worth the wait as you get a kitchen that’s unique to you. Once finished, we deliver your new kitchen from our workshop to your home.

What Our Customers Say…

felt like valued customers...

“Thank you for all your help and advice along the way, our kitchen might not be the biggest and most expensive you have done, but we really felt like valued customers all the way along. We wish you and your company all the best for the future”

You have a lovely product...

“Every time I open a drawer or a cupboard, I can’t quite believe how lucky I am to have such a stunning kitchen. I love it so much, and so does everyone else that sees it. You have a lovely product and I cant rate you high enough, Thank you”

No pushy salesmen...

“Your service was informative, helpful and patiently undertaken; no pushy salesmen as I had encountered elsewhere when I was looking at the different types of cabinetry available. The quality of cabinetry and the craftsmen were both fantastic.”

What You Need to Know About Shaker Kitchens Style

This interior design style was named after a Christian religious group called Shakers. The group was founded in the late 1770s in Manchester, England. At the centre of Shakers’ belief system was simplicity, pacifism and celibacy. During the religious service they tended to express their spirituality in a rather frenetic fashion, hence the name – Shakers.

Less is more. Since they had to lead a simple life and be fully self-sufficient, they made all things, including furniture, by hand. Similarly, to better-known Amish people.

At its purest, Shaker furniture design is unpretentious, simple yet functional. If they were to make a thing, the resource usage had to be justified. You couldn’t simply make things for the sake of making things or for the sake of making your living place cosier. Otherwise it was considered pride which was certainly frowned upon.

Shaker Kitchens is a good solution for people who want a minimalist kitchen design but don’t want to go down the industrial design or glossy modern minimalist routes.

Questions? Call our Dorset office for free advice: 01202481177

Our Shaker Kitchens are Hand-Built in the UK

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