Cabinet Prices

All our prices are clearly marked and online for all to see- They are based on a kitchen of £7500 or more – if you have a smaller kitchen or need just a few cabinets we will price accordingly.

We have nothing to hide

Sometimes the amount of options you have are a little too much, but we have done our best to make it as clear as possible

If you have any questions contact us and ask.

We have divided each set of cabinets into categories to try and make it easier to find, choose the category you want, and in it you will find the cabinets available in our standard range, if you cant find it we can probably make it for you!

On each cabinet you will see some pictures and on the right hand side the options for the ranges, and finishes, as you cick on each the price will update.



*please note that Oak prices are very volatile and if you require cabinets in oak please contact us as the prices shown are a rough guide

Help Planning your Kitchen

On this website you will find a range of resources and accessories to help you plan your kitchen. After looking at our product ranges, finishes and accessories, why not read our Planning a Kitchen page and our Product Choices Pages.
We also have an easy to use tool to produce a realistic three dimensional plan of your new kitchen. Check out our 3D planner and learn how to craft a usable design. It is simple to use and all you need is some time and accurate measurements of your kitchen.


Other Costs and Fees

When calculating the cost of your kitchen it is worth bearing in mind additional costs apart from the basic furniture and finishes. At Classic Kitchens Direct we like to keep it simple. Our online resources are FREE to use and no quote is an obligation to buy from us. However, we do charge for additional services including for delivery, and for designing your kitchen for you if you wish. Details for these services can be found on this website.





Our Classic, handmade and bespoke kitchens can be ordered and fitted anywhere in England.
If you would like to speak to us for some advice, go ahead. We won’t bite your head off or laugh at your questions. 

Give us a call on 01202481177 or email
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