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All of our kitchens are lovingly handmade in our workshop, they are not mass produced, and each item is unique, and the woods we use are unique.

This we feel is what gives our kitchens such a huge appeal.

Please don’t expect to get a “factory” look kitchen, every door will be handmade for the frame and as such will not be a 100% perfect factory produced version.

Over the years we have tried and tested many many finishes and believe that our current finish both inside and out is characteristic of a handmade bespoke quality product and not a factory finished “plastic” feeling alternative.

What we do produce are stunning bespoke handmade kitchens that we are proud of. Its what we have built our reputation on, please see our customer gallery for examples of our stunning kitchens.

We hope you will agree – they are beautiful.

Before you purchase we strongly suggest you come to our showroom and touch and feel the product to see what we do, you will see several versions on display where you can clearly see what you will get and ask any questions you may have.


This in our opinion is the best way to get your kitchen, this gives you the opportunity to fit the kitchen and then paint the kitchen and finish it.

Any knocks or scrapes or rough edges can then be filled, sanded and then painted.

Although it is popular to get the kitchen fully painted in the factory, it is difficult if not impossible to get it loaded onto our vans shipped hundreds of miles, unloaded, carried throughh doorways and hallways and stacked in your kitchen, and then installed without any damage at all.

That is why we ALWAYS recommend RAW/UNFINISHED for your kitchen.

It will arrive in its natural state, straight from the worktshop,  once you have installed it, It will need any screw holes, pocket screw holes and any knocks or scrapes filling (we recommend a 2 part filler for strencth), then sanding any rough edges and priming, and finally painting and oiling.

You should seal (paint and oil) the kitchen as quicly as possible as leaving it unsealed in a room stored is not a good option.  Wood is a porous material and will soak up moisture in the atmosphere and can cause cracking or warping, this can also happen when the wood is acclimatising to the room that it is now installed in.

We have more information on the website regarding this.

You should never store an unpainted kitchen in a damp or cold room without heating as this can cause cracking or movement in the wood, your kitchen should also be allowed to acclimatise to your kitchen before being fitted, again to prevent cracking of joints.  If cracking does appear on a joint or rail – this is nothing to worry about – it is part of having a wooden kitchen…  The best advice is to let it settle completely (may be a few weeks) and to then fill the crack with a fine filler, sand and repaint.

You should also never install or store a kitchen in a freshly plastered room until the room is fully dry as the raw wood will soak up moisture in the enviroment and will cause the wood to expand and can again cause cracking problems on joints or make doors stick.


We will lacquer all the interiors of the cabinets and drawer boxes. We will not lacquer the backs, sides or tops as these will not be visble.

We will also apply a layer of Primer to the kitchen in readyness for installation and final filling, sanding and painting.

After intallation you will need to fill any dents or dings or hairline cracks that have appeared during installation – let this dry and sand them before final top coats.


We colour match your chosen colour and then spray paint your kitchen in our spray booths.

This gives a smooth finish without brush marks.  It is very popular, but not our recommended finish (see above – for these reasons)

We paint the sides that are visible only, sides that will be hidden by other cabinets or appliances or sinks will only be painted part way back.


We allocate a week for delivery, all being well we will be on track and you will get your kitchen on time.  Just like every other factory we do occasionally have problems, staff illness, machine breakdowns, etc and being a small company this can and does affect the workflow quite radically.

If for any reason we are running behind we will inform you as quickly as possible so as to minimise any delays or problems for you on site.

Because of this we recommend you do not book a fitter until you have everything on site and it has been checked thoroughly.

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