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Each of our products is made from natural & where possible locally sourced, materials.

There is a full range of base materials for each of our cabinets as well as the elements contained within.

Let’s start with the basic cabinet which is divided into the following sections: front frame, carcass & drawer boxes.

Carcase – Typically this is made from an MDF core with oak veneer outer layer, this gives rigidity and strength and also looks stunning when finished.

For panelling we use Ply or MDF

Our carcases are solid all over and will have solid backs, tops, sides & bottoms, and come to you fully assembled. They all come with a 50mm void as standard on the back.

Shelves – MDF Core and edged on visible side

Front Frames – On a painted or Raw cabinet the front frame is made from Beech – these are the preferred woods for painting as it gives a nice clean finish

Doors and Drawer fronts – These will be either Water resistant MDF or Beech, depending on the design and what was ordered

Drawer Boxes – Our drawer boxes are made from Solid Dovetailed Oak and come with soft close runners as standard where possible.

Either water resistant MDF or beech, depending on style, range and customer preference.
**see note below on doors taller than 1200mm
Our standard material is Water resistant MDF, in our opinion this is the best and most stable product to make doors from, it doesn’t soak up moisture, warp or shrink or expand like natural wood.
If you would prefer Beech please let us know and make it clear on your order


Ply or MDF dependant on size

Beech / MDF
****Dependant on availablitity and style chosen

***There is no set size/height for a drawer box, as every cabinet is bespoke, if you have specific needs please inform us

Oak Veneer

Beech / MDF
****Dependant on availablitity and style chosen

19mm Oak Veneer MDF 

19mm Oak Veneer MDF –
Shelves Edged on visible sides

Oak Veneer / Ply

Pine /MDF dependant on style chosen

MDF / Pine dependant on style chosen

Oak Veneer MDF – shelves edges on visible side


Materials will be decided at factory as to what is best for the purpose

*Please note appliance doors are 20mm thick.

**Please note that doors that are 1200mm or above have to be made from MDF, NOT beech, this is to minimise the chances of warping or bending

*** There is no set or Standard height/width or depth for a drawer box as each cabinet they are made for is bespoke.  We will judge what we feel is the best fit for each drawer box and make it accordingly.  If you have specific needs you need to inform us before they are made and make sure any relevant information is on the order as this is what will be made.

**** all cabinets come with a 50mm service void as standard – if this is not what is required please inform us and make sure it is on the order form as this is what will be made.

***** Drawer fronts that are SLAB design will be made from MDF, shaker will be made from either Moisture Resistant MDF or Beech, unless the Pure Range which will be MDF

Other Cabinet Specifications

You may also be curious about the materials we use to make our cabinet accessories. Hinges come in chrome, bronzed, bronzed with finials, brassed, brassed with finials, and soft close. When thinking about hinges, please specify the type you require in your order. Meanwhile, drawer runners are grass soft close, while catches can be magnetic or roller.

Doors come in five styles – D1, D2, D3, D4 & Modern Classic, Drawers come in four styles – DR1, DR2, DR3 & Modern Classic, plinths come in four styles – P1 (plant on), P2, P3 (recessed) and P4, and cornices come in two styles – C1 (traditional) and C2 (flat).

Painting Options


  • Unpainted – ready for you to paint and oil at home – we recommend Moisture Resistant MDF for painting
  • Lacquered Oak – we can lacquer the cabinet for you inside and out
  • Primed and Lacquered – We can prime the outsides and Lacquered the inside readay for you to paint
  • Painted – we use a colour matching paint service by a professional paint mixing company, please provide us with a CURRENT colour code from a manufacturer, we introduce a light brush mark into the paint to make any repairs or touching up on site easier. 

Please note it is VERY important that you check that is it the current colour as names and colour specifications change constantly and we will go by the LATEST colour with that code, it is YOUR responsibility to check this.

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