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Classic Kitchens direct offer three possible delivery services.
These are based on the cost of delivering a whole kitchen with a order value of £5000 + 
*smaller orders will have to be looked at individually and quoted on their own merits.

We have a standard delivery service covering most of England (green on our Map) costing £300, an extended delivery service which covers the Amber parts on our map – costing £455, and a by arrangement internationally or on the red parts of the map (contact us for a quote)

Please note that ALL our handmade cabinets are wrapped on all the visible sides for delivery.

We do not wrap the whole cabinet as it uses so much material it seems a waste, this also makes moving them easier, so the only parts that are not wrapped will be the parts against another cabinet, under a worktop, or against a wall.

All visible sides are wrapped and protected.

We will always do our best to make sure that they get to you in 1st class condition, but along the way there may be some small scuffs or bumps.  In our opinion this all adds to the handmade nature of the product and is not a problem.

We provide a touch up paint kit for such circumstances.

If the scratches or bumps are bigger and need specialist attention we will of course sort this for you in our factory.

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