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Installing your kitchen

As our cabinets are delivered to you fully made (unless they are very large and for transport purposes need to be flat packed) for a professional fitter fitting shouldn’t be an issue.

The majority of the kitchens we supply are either fitted by the individual themselves (You do need to be fairly competent to do this) or a professional kitchen fitter.

We do regularly see builders and other trades fitting kitchens, and often they do a great job, but sadly often we think they should stay as a builder and not a kitchen fitter.

(If this does happen it can cause huge amounts of stress and costs to rectify problems – so please make sure you are happy with the skill of anyone fitting your kitchen)

Fitting an in-frame kitchen is NOT like fitting a Howdens or off the shelf kitchen,  EVERY cabinet has to be fitted perfectly level and square for the frame to work well with the doors and the gap to be even around.

Before every cabinet leaves the factory we check them on a level surface, so there should be no reason why a cabinet cant be fitted level in your kitchen by a skilled fitter.

Can we Recommend someone?

We do have some fitters that we regularly use, We can arrange for a skilled kitchen fitter to install your beautiful handmade bespoke kitchen for you.


But please note that they are independent and as such do not work for us, (we merely arranging a quote for fitting for you), with teams of fitters that regularly fit our kitchens and understand the product.  We do not control their diaries and you will need to liaise with them to organise dates and times.

However rest assured as we use them all the time and know their work, and wouldn’t use them if we didn’t have confidence in what they do, Alternatively you can use a local tradesman or use a service such as check-a-trade.  But please read what to ask a kitchen fitter below

It may not always be possible to arrange this and there might be delays to estimated dates. Here’s a run-down on what installation involves:

5.1 What does our standard installation includes?

We are not plumbers or electricians, so any kitchen installation we take part in will be a dry fit. You will need to have all the electrics and plumbing ready for our installation team.

What is a dry fit?

5.2 How much does the installation cost?

Installation costs Approx £2000 – £2500 depending on the size of your kitchen.

5.3 Will installation affect delivery time?

yes, this may happen. Our deliveries and installations plus manufacturing can get very booked up. This means if you want us to install your kitchen then we may have to delay delivery until we can arrange a fitting for you. In some circumstances it may be quicker to make an alternative arrangement.

5.4 What do I need to do to get an installation?

Once you have finalised your design and are at the bespoke quote stage, include the dry fit in your requirements. We can then arrange a quotation for you based on the plan and your location.

5.5 What are my alternatives?

If we are unable to install your kitchen for you or you wish to look at alternatives (because for example, you need your kitchen quicker than we can arrange it), then consider looking for a local carpenter. Every area has specialised carpenters and kitchen fitters including those who can do the necessary plumbing and electrics at the same time.

What to check with other kitchen fitters…..

*Have they fitted In-Frame kitchens before? (If not, personally we wouldn’t recommend using them)

*Are they a carpenter (as our cabinets are made from wood they will need these tools)

*Kitchen fitting should include everything needed to install your kitchen fully, this list is not exhaustive, but should include:-

-Adjusting doors and hinges

-Touching up if any damage has occurred during fitting

-Trimming or adjusting doors to work on site (we check they work in a factory Environment, but on site will be different)

-Fitting handles

-Fitting any Pull outs or storage options you have chosen

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our phone number is 01202481177 and you can email us on office@classic-kitchens-direct.com.

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