Height (mm)870870900
Width (mm)300600680
Depth (mm)300580600

Door Style 1
Door Style 2
Door Style 3
Door Style 4

Soft Close
Stainless Steel
Antique Brass

Plinth 1
Plinth 2
Plinth 3
Plinth 4

Depending on the look you want, we have several options available.

Tulipwood Doors and Oak veneer Cabinets

Primed Tulipwood

Spray Painted Tulipwood

Oiled Oak

Custom Colour
When deciding on which to choose you should start with the question "Do you want to paint the doors?"
If the answer is YES we would recommend you get Tulip wood, it gives a great finish, doesn't show too much wood grain, and knots wont come through.
The inside of the cabinets would then be Oak Veneer, and this is perfect for oiling or varnishing, if you are doing this please see our page with painting advice.

If you want a natural wood finish we recommend our Oak doors & Oak Veneered cabinets.  These can be pre-oiled for you or you can do yourself.

We can spray-paint your cabinets and Oil the inside for you in our factory (1 colour as standard, additional colours charged at £100 per colour)

You can choose the custom-colour, we just need a swatch from you showing the colour, and we will use our colour matching service.  Please note that the matched colour will be as close as possible from our paint manufacturers and may be a slightly different shade to the swatch due to the finish of the paint.  

If you wish to have a test swatch painted & posted to you we can arrange this, but due to the colour matching costs and costs of cleaning all the equipment after this one swatch this costs £100.  Please contact us if you require this.

We can also pre-oil the inside of the cabinets for you, so they arrive ready to use. 

If you want to buy and fit your own bin to a cabinet you now can, we can supply a base cabinet with a door (either hinged or loose) to which you can fit your own bin. (We do NOT supply a bin with this option)

Many people want specific sizes of bin or compartments for Food waste, Glass, Bottles, etc

Have a look at

You might find one that is say 400mm wide, we would recommend leaving at least 55mm each side (this incorportates the frame and hinges) so you cabinet would need to be at least 510mm wide to take this.

We would recommend getting a “Base mounted” bin as it will be easier to fit, if you get a side mounted you will have to pack it out on site.

Please note that whilst we can give our opinion on the size of bin cabinet you need, it will be based on what we see on the details given and we will not be held liable if for any other reason it doenst work.  Binopolis are the experts on their bins and you will need to confirm the suitability of the bin you have chosen with them.

The BM1 Special Bin Housing Cabinet is beautifully made using carefully selected woods. With over 15 years experience, our philosophy is to make a great product from first class materials, hand-made using mortice and tenon, and dovetail joints.


*On D2 and D3 door styles, the beading will be fixed to the door rather than the frame.

*Recess at back is approximately 15mm, not standard 50mm on this item.

Available in both our PURE and PREMIUM ranges – click here for more details of the differences 

BM1 SPECIAL - fit your own (NO BIN SUPPLIED)

  • £350.00

Available Options

Please see Product Tabs for option details

  • Tulipwood Doors and Oak Veneer Cabinets
  • Primed Tulipwood
  • Spray Painted Tulipwood
  • Door Style D1 (Premium)
  • Door Style D2 (Premium)
  • Door Style D3 (Premium)
  • Door Style D4 (Premium)
  • Modern Classic (Premium)
  • Pure Range
  • Plinth 1
  • Plinth 2
  • Plinth 3
  • Plinth 4

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