Kitchens remain a place of invention and evolution on a daily basis. We experiment with food types, ingredients, balances, seasonings, and quantities. It has always been a place where technology meets tradition. However, for many without the time to invent, find cooking a chore, and time consuming especially when work drags them home late. The last thing they want to do is preheat the oven, prepare ingredients, and cook a time consuming meal. Many are turning to the Internet of Things to save a little time, but also to add a dash of modern convenience to appliances. Here’s how it can work for .. Read More
Even though some people and many stores put their decorations up in November, now is truly the time to start thinking about your Christmas decorations. The living room is the main focal point, perhaps also the dining room in readiness for that big dinner, and the odd bedroom ornament or tinsel going up the bannister. However, the kitchen, one of the busiest rooms on Christmas day itself is often ignored.It’s true to say the kitchen is a functional room rather than a space to be enjoyed for many people. And it is also true to say that December is rarely the time to begin a big renovation projec.. Read More
When you order custom designed and built cabinets, you need to complement them with an equally high quality quartz worktop. It needs to match the luxury feel of your cabinets, be something which you can show off, but also which functions. After all, your kitchen is a working room and not just a show piece for guests. Granite/Quartz worktops are the best balance between looking stunning and doing a great job. Here’s three reasons why you should consider buying them from us:1. Value for MoneyWhen you speak to Estate Agents about what adds value to a home, the two biggest rooms for this are the b.. Read More
  This week, we have asked ourselves, what are the most common kitchen design mistakes?  It is our passion to help our customers create the most beautiful and functional kitchens possible.  However, we have seen our fair share of badly designed kitchens whether it was a poor design inherited when buying a house and therefore in dire need of replacing, or a ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ move which did not work out. Here’s a few of the common ones.   Know Your Kitchen’s Workflow A bit like knowing the aerodynamics of a sports car or the flow of wa.. Read More
 So, you have decided to change your kitchen, but where do you go next? Most people first have a feeling about their kitchen not being right, perhaps they’ve always hated it or it’s just grown tired with time and age, or perhaps seeing someone else’s has inspired you.Whatever the reason, most people make the decision to change then spend a long time looking at pictures online or visiting showroom displays. Some feel good, some have bits here and there that are right, but nothing is perfect, so you decide to go bespoke, but how do you get the most out of a free consultation? How do you mak.. Read More
When designing your kitchen you are balancing two elements - practicality and luxury. Designing your own bespoke kitchen with unique, handcrafted cabinets is a luxury to enhance any room. Another luxury for the kitchen, is the island. A well designed island can turn a good kitchen into a fantastic one. This article outlines a few things to consider when designing just such an island. What to Consider when Designing a Kitchen Island. First and foremost, when considering whether to have a kitchen island or not, you need to consider space. There needs to be reasonable space between.. Read More
  Over the years, we have had several requests to help build cabinets and work-surfaces suitable for customers who use wheelchairs. Being a high quality, bespoke kitchen manufacturer in the UK, it is important for us to be flexible in helping all customers realise their dream kitchen. If you are a wheelchair user or have a family member or loved one who is in a wheelchair, here are a few things to consider when designing a wheelchair accessible kitchen.  1. Doorways. First, the doorway needs a smooth transition between the two rooms, so no steps, ramps (if possible), or joins fo.. Read More
It’s Time to Give Your Kitchen a Halloween Makeover! Halloween is less than 2 weeks away now, so it’s the perfect time to decide how you are going to turn your wonderful, bespoke kitchen into a grisly witch’s hovel or a place where the Munster’s would feel at home cooking. Whether it is for the kids or for a more adult halloween party, making over the whole house is a lot of fun, so we thought we’d look into some great ideas for that part of the home we know best, the kitchen.Update: we've now added a fresh article on Halloween Kitchen décor ideas.1. The Witch’s KitchenThe idea is si.. Read More
One of our customers has just sent us some stunning photos of their finished kitchen, and everyone in our office agrees that it is beautiful. This one not only featured a whole host of our standard cabinets but also had many completely bespoke units including a curved bench seat, bespoke wine rack unit and also a TV media centre unit. Overall we love the final look and are very proud that we helped to create something so beautiful. We really hope the owner enjoys and loves their kitchen for many years to come.. Read More
How do you make the most of your small kitchen space? We have fitted kitchens of all sizes and sometimes designing a bespoke kitchen for a tiny room is more of an exciting challenge than a bigger room where anything could happen. To have a fully functioning kitchen where area is limited, you need to maximize what you have for storage in order give you more space for food preparation. Here are 10 space saving ideas:1. Super Appliances, Bonsai SizeHigh spec brands such as Viking and Merritt do smaller versions of their big, marquee ovens and appliances. They do the same, but take up less sp.. Read More
  When thinking about how to bring autumn into your kitchen, it is easy to consider this a season where everything dies, but that is not the case. Autumn is also the season of harvest, of fruits, seasonal flowers, and much more. Using flowers, you can give a touch of autumn to your kitchen, making it a better place to welcome guests and to cook in with the family.   Seasonal Flowers Flowers still bloom in this season, so there are plenty of choices for colourful displays in your home. According to the Telegraph, some of the top flowers include:  Orpine “Purple Empero.. Read More
We create kitchens at all stages of our lives - whether single or in a couple, while living our working lives or as retirees, but often, it is with children in tow.Designing a child friendly kitchen poses interesting challenges because they are going to grow and change, and with it their relationship to the room will change, as will their ability to reach and access different parts of it. This guide is aimed more toward younger children - keeping them safe, and encouraging them to take part in kitchen activities.Making the Kitchen a Safer Place to BeFirst and foremost, your kitchen needs to be.. Read More
Every year The Great British Bake Off hits our screens and people up and down the country from students to retirees, homeowners to house sharers, think to themselves, “I can do that” or maybe just “I’d love to try.” There have been soggy bottoms, potential sabotage, and Paul Hollywood’s favourites, but this season is more controversial than ever - not because of the bakers this time, but with Channel 4 buying the rights, and then Mel and Sue quitting the bake off. Regardless of all that, here are 10 ways you can make your kitchen more bake off friendly:1. Cookbooks - whether it’s a re.. Read More
  What colours and feelings do you associate with the autumn? Your kitchen is not a static thing, it is one of the most used rooms in the house, but can be more than just functional. Many of our customers want a kitchen to be proud of and we pride ourselves on delivering just that, but we also want it to be a place fit for all seasons, so here’s the first of our seasonal guides, a few simple tips for showing off your kitchen in the autumn.   1. Reflect Autumn’s Colours Having a good neutral design makes it easy to reflect the different colours of the season be they the white .. Read More
July not surprisingly saw our best ever sales for new kitchens in any month.Following on from this we have expanded our operation and employed an additional 3 people at our workshop in Newark to keep up with demand and try to bring wait times back to 6 weeks.. Read More
July marked our record month for new quotes, almost twice our monthly norm.This is down to our commitment to great customer service and getting quotes back to customers asap... Read More
New range of kitchen  - Our Modern Classic After requests from customers we have decided to add a "Modern Classic" range to our existing cabinets, this is still the same great handmade quality, with oak veneer cabinets as a solid base, combined with beautiful handmade dovetailed oak drawers on soft close runners, top quality fitments and stunning attention to detail,  but with a slab in frame door rather than a panelled shaker door.This gives a stunning linear modern look to what is undoubtedly a stunning kitchen, we feel it combines the modern look wanted by so many, with the qualit.. Read More
Welcome to our New Classic Kitchen Direct Blog.   Here we will showcase some of the new features we can offer, changes to our range, additions to our range and pictures of our customers kitchens.We hope it will be interesting for you, we will do our best to give details on new projects we have been working on, product changes, developments and anything else we think may be of interest.Along with a host of pictures from our customers and general product photos.Come back regularly to see our stunning handmade bespoke pre painted kitchens... Read More
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