Check out our latest handmade kitchen brochure (LINK BELOW) - now available as a PDF download from our website or Facebook page.Featuring many of the stunning handmade bespoke kitchens we have done over the years and general information on the companyClassic Kitchens Direct Brochure 2018 V1.. Read More
With a revived interest in rustic furniture, bespoke kitchens styled according to Shaker kitchen design principles are hot commodity. Let's look at these principles and find out how they came about and how we can use this interesting historic tradition in modern minimalist kitchens. Who were the Shakers? First, the name. What does it actually mean? The style was named after a Christian religious group called Shaking Quakers or Shakers for short. The group was founded in the late 1770s in Manchester, England by Jane Wardley who allegedly had a vision and then went on to devote he.. Read More
Are you looking for a quirky and daring touch to your interior? Place your bet on Pantone’s new colour of the year and let the vibrant ultra violet shade capture your heart. Eccentric and intricate, this colour is provocative and relaxing at the same time. It might not be for everyone but it communicates originality and imagination. Just like the nonconformity of those artistic geniuses who used it over time as a symbol of their counterculture. Using ultra violet in interior design takes guts, creativity and visionary thinking. That’s why it might be the best colour for your new interior d.. Read More
It’s a new year, welcome to 2018, and time to see what the trends for this year are expected to be. Will they be the same as 2017 or the polar opposites? Last year was expected to be the year of going rustic, the kitchen of things, and the colour was Dark Blues. Let’s see what the new year has in stall for us with some of the predicted ins and also the outs. Kitchen Trends for 2018: Texture is In 2018 could be the year where it’s not just what you see, but what you feel in your home. Some of the big DIY chains are expecting textured worktops to be the new in. While it could just be the c.. Read More
How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Christmas   Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home or maybe the stomach, but it is one of the focal points of your Christmas Day. It’s easy to just think the kitchen is fine as it is and you can rock and roll on the day, get the turkey roasted, food prepared, dished up and put on the table like that. However, experience probably tells you that it’s not quite that simple. With Christmas coming up fast, now is the time to prepare your kitchen - whether old or new, for the big day.   Clean the Fridge Australian fridge ex.. Read More
Alternative Christmas Food Ideas for your New Kitchen   We all know the drill of a ‘traditional’ Christmas. It’s the time of year when we really make use of our brand new kitchens, stretching them to their limits as we cook dinner for the whole family. And that tradition requires a huge turkey for a huge oven, hours of cooking, roast potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, gravy, brussel sprouts (or as Brexiteers might call them, freedom sprouts), and chipolata sausages. However, this is not the traditional Christmas meal for everyone and most of it is quite recent in fact, so what i.. Read More
Christmas Decorations for your 2017 Kitchen   When we think of Christmas decorations we usually think about the living room, dining room, outside the house and the garden. Maybe a bedroom or two, but rarely the kitchen. It’s a place of action and cooking, not usually of decoration; especially for a small one. However, there are so many ways you can bring Christmas into your kitchen. Maybe these ideas will help cheer you up as you slave over the Christmas meal.   There’s a lot of ideas, so let’s start the mega list:   1. Hang a wreath in the window 2. I.. Read More
Now the clocks have changed, the nights are drawing in fast. Even in the daytime, it’s not exactly light out at the best of times. The sun sits low in the sky, often seeming to roll across roofs of houses and the sky is clad with grey clouds. It’s at a time like this when it is important to maximise home lighting; especially kitchen lighting, without costing the earth. Luckily, there are a few solutions for a brighter, winter kitchen.Maximising Natural DaylightLighting considerations fall between daytime and nighttime. So let’s look at daytime first, there are a few design decisions .. Read More
When the time comes to design your new kitchen, you have a lot of decisions to make and one of these is how to layout your cabinets. This is one of the fundamental elements of kitchen design and will inform many of your later decisions such as lighting, tiling, utilities, and so on. This article lays out the 5 most common layouts today. 1. The IslandThe most popular addition to large kitchens over the last few decades has been the kitchen island. These range from glorified tables to full-on mini kitchens. At their basic level these can be part worktop counter, part cabinet, and .. Read More
Whether you are stocking up a new kitchen, a renovated one, or you are trying to make the best of the kitchen you have, a well stocked and well organised pantry is essential. This is where you are going to keep your long term and dried goods. The basics of your culinary experiments or day-to-day staples. It’s easy for these places to get messy, to be covered in flour and random bits of pasta, but it does not have to be this way.  Delish.com have released 20 pantry organising ideas which can really help any pantry look great. Here’s the ideas: 1. Coordinate whateve.. Read More
You are thinking of remodeling or completely redesigning your kitchen, but what should you include if you have a large enough space? Naturally, the larger your space, the more options you have, but sometimes it can feel like too many options. Don’t let that put you off however, here are the top 10 things we think a good, modern kitchen should incorporate. Of course, how they are incorporated is totally down to you.1. Wide Open SpacesIt is easy for a kitchen to look cluttered, but having a large space does not mean you need to fill it with more things. The best designs use space to help balance.. Read More
Now you have your brand new, and hopefully bespoke, kitchen. Over the years you may have accumulated a random collection of pots and pans, accessories, cutlery, plates, and mugs. However, now you have a brand new kitchen, you feel that this jumble does not make sense. In short, it does not fit your new kitchen style. Well, now is the best time, budget allowing, for you to accessorise your kitchen.Pick a ThemeGood accessorization works when you have a theme in mind. The first things to think of are, when stripped back, what is the theme of your kitchen, and what’s your budget. Even on a shoestr.. Read More
In our pagan past, autumn signalled the end of the year. The sun hung lower in the sky, nights drew in, leaves changed, and the last harvests of the year took place before the quiet cold of winter - the dead months. Last year we covered 5 ways you can bring autumn into your kitchen, but here’s a little follow up with a few more ideas. Autumn does not have to be cold, it can be warm and comforting. Time to Start Thinking of Your Comfort Foods On the old calendar it was not autumn nor was it fall, which was what we said before we said autumn, in actual fact the season was called harvest. Th.. Read More
Are you looking to renovate and improve your kitchen, but are unsure what to do or how to make the best of your limited budget? This article contains some expert tips on how to do both. As you might imagine, redesigning your kitchen is a mammoth investment of time, energy, and money. It also means going without a functioning kitchen until it’s finished. You’ll need to make many decisions before starting the process, but retain some flexibility, as with many things in life, once you get going the original plans may need tweaking or new opportunities may arise. Keep it Real P.. Read More
The best kitchens are timeless and to achieve this effect, the base elements need to have an enduring quality about them - not just in their ability to last the years, but to do so while still looking good. There is no better material for this than wood. Furthermore, high quality woods when mixed with expert crafts people can become exactly the kind of base element to make any kitchen look great. The white goods may come and go, but they will be there in the background holding the whole design together. Here are a few other reasons that wooden cabinetry is a must for any good ki.. Read More
Many of us inherit a small but functional kitchen when we buy a property. It’s a step up from some of the kitchens foisted upon us when renting or in student accommodation. Yet, these kitchens be they new, old, or very old, can seem cramped with little work space, little space for equipment, and next to no storage. The question therefore, is how do we make them feel bigger than they really are? 1. Can the Ceiling Go Up? For most of you, the answer will be no. However, some homes have false ceilings. This makes it possible to remove the false ceiling. The results will be two.. Read More
In our previous blog we considered whether you should have a counter or a bar in your kitchen. If you have decided upon having a kitchen bar, then the next logical question is, what kind of bar stool do you want to go with it? This article attempts to introduce you to the world of bar stools to help you make a decision. Types of Bar Stools. First, let’s consider the types available. When you think of bar stools you might think of the local pub with simple round, plush stools, but actually they come in may shapes, sizes, and styles. They can range from swivel bar stools to c.. Read More
Breakfast bars and counters fall in and out of fashion, but there’s no doubt that for some families or individuals, it’s a great addition to the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house while the dining room is one of the least used - it’s seen as the room for special occasions, but if no such occasions exist it can be a bit of a wasted space and could become a study or a music room. As such, adding a communal aspect to your kitchen could work. It would allow you to eat, talk, and cook at the same time. A counter or a bar could run along a wall, could serve as the bou.. Read More
Whether you are living in the countryside or in a town or city, many families want a kitchen with a more rustic feel. It’s not just our primaeval yearning for a more natural lifestyle surrounded by fields and woodlands, but a sense of style too. The country kitchen summons up images of home baked bread, ingredients plucked from the garden, summertime, and simplicity. In today’s busy, tech-heavy world, a little bit of simplicity goes a long way. But, how do you get your dream country kitchen? Consider these 7 ideas:Rustic Materials Think of a country kitchen and you think of certain, simpl.. Read More
Granite worktops or counters make for stylish and functional additions to any kitchen. They add a touch of class and rugged elegance. However, when compared to marble or wooden counters, they may need more upkeep. Afterall, stone can be chipped and can suffer water damage just as much as any other material and having spent so much money on it, you don’t want it to age. This is a quick guide on how to look after your granite counters in 3 easy steps: 1. Daily Cleaning One of the reasons granite is popular, as well as looking great, is that it is relatively easy to maintain c.. Read More
An often overlooked part of the kitchen, the backsplash is actually just as vital as the rest of it. As the name suggests, it provides both a practical easy-to-clean vertical surface but a key style area which needs to complement the counter, cabinets, and walls. Tradition has it that ceramic tiles are used for the splashback. Usually plain or patterned in a similar colour/shade to the walls or the cabinet. However, there are a few other options out there which are worth exploring. Styles First decision is where do you want your tiles and how high do you want them to go. Tr.. Read More
Doing a lot of the work yourself is one way to save a lot of money on a kitchen remodelling. However, you need to know what you are doing beforehand. This is a quick guide to removing the existing kitchen before beginning to install the new one. It assumes that you wish to literally remove the entire kitchen including appliances. Step 1: Clear the Decks Pretty simple, if it can be removed, remove it. This means unplugging all devices, boxing up cutlery, crockery, and other utensils. You can move these into storage in the loft, garage or elsewhere until they are ready to be put back in. St.. Read More
So, you are going to sell your house and move on somewhere new. Sounds like an adventure, but before you do, it’s time to get ready. To get the maximum amount of money for a home, you need to show it at its best and that includes the kitchen. This article contains some tips for you on how to make your kitchen look great.1. Know Your GoalsWhen it comes to making over or presenting your kitchen, you need to know how you want it presented. Your kitchen will need:To look and feel fresh and cleanFeel lightFeel spaciousFeel welcomingShows life, but not too muchTastefully designed and appointed2. Get.. Read More
Last week saw that rarest of things - a British heatwave. It was not just any heatwave either, it was the hottest June day since 1995 and the longest June heatwave since the 1970s. Like many people, my kitchen faces west, which means it at least gets some of the dying light the rest of the year, but means during a heatwave that it’s unbearably hot. The question has always been, just how do I cool it down enough to use for cooking food? Kitchen design Of course, the best way to deal with an overheating kitchen is good kitchen design. When designing a kitchen think about spac.. Read More
In the first part of this miniseries we looked at what to immediately do after a flood in your kitchen. The advice goes for other parts of the home which might have been flooded too though we do realise with burst pipes for example flooding can be localised. By this point, you should have been able to turn off the electrics, have taken photos of the damaged, contacted your insurer, and pumped the water out of the kitchen. This still leaves a huge mess and untold damage. If you fill a sink up with water then let it drain without doing anything, chances are it won’t leave any mess.. Read More
Water can get into and damage your kitchen in many ways. While it is unlikely that rain through an open window will cause much damage, large amounts of rain can lead to localised flooding caused either by a river bursting its banks or a failure in hyper-local drainage systems. Furthermore, water can get in from leaking taps and pipes in a kitchen itself or from a bathroom above the kitchen. When we think of damage, we might think of violent acts like a pipe bursting or wind battering, but water seeping or flooding into a home can be extremely destructive. There are some things y.. Read More
A time will come when your new kitchen feels a bit samey and a bit old. It’s not tired so to speak, but you want to make a change. Now, as we’ve laid out in earlier blog posts, you can make superficial changes with the seasons and with your moods, but a time will come when you consider changing colour. This does not mean a major overhaul of the kitchen - you’ve already paid for that and our kitchens remain stylish for decades, but a little change in shade. What Simple Changes You Can Make? Re-painting your kitchen can lead to a raft of other design choices. For example, a n.. Read More
On completing kitchen remodelling, you will begin to experience a few things you never expected to experience. On deciding to make the change, you may have thought of it as a matter of practicality or cosmetics, but actually, changing a kitchen can be profound. Indeed, it can change your entire interaction with not only your kitchen, but your entire home. So, what are these major changes and things you can learn from your remodeled kitchen? 1. Every Morning Feels Like Christmas Day You will love to just walk into your new, sparkling kitchen, and enjoy its ambiance. You’ll look around it,.. Read More
Have you ever wondered why we put so much stock in wooden cabinets? There are other types of cabinets out there - many of which can be mass produced at a lower cost, yet we insist on bespoke kitchen cabinets handcrafted on site. There must be a good reason for that, so we have put together this little blog to look at rival types of kitchen cabinets compared to wood. You won’t be surprised to learn we still believe wood is King. Let’s Look at the Competition Rivals to wood include laminates, wood veneers, PVC, and metal cabinets. Here’s the pros and cons of each type: 1.. Read More
Your new bespoke kitchen is just sitting there, waiting to be shown off. Maybe you have redecorated the whole house and want to show friends and family or maybe you regularly host house parties. Either way, it’s great if you can augment your kitchen with a range of appliances built for this exact moment. These machines and tools help you prepare fun and exciting items for your guests from an endless supply of ice in the summer to all kinds of food. 1. Wine Fridge Designed mostly for white wines, rose wines, and sparkling wines, the wine fridge keeps them at the perfect temperatu.. Read More
You have a lot of choices when it comes to picking your kitchen work surface. Counter tops come in a range of materials and styles to fit all kitchen designs whether they are out of the catalogue or custom designed. In addition to the classic wood, granite, and marbled counter tops, you can pick from laminate, glass, and composite options. Regardless of what option you eventually choose there are 5 primary ways in which your work surface should perform - design, use, looks, value, and dependability. Work surfaces are not cheap, and they should be the crowning glory of your kitchen.&n.. Read More
Or maybe we should call it your kitchen shed! Adding kitchen cabinets, a worktop and a sink is a great way to upscale your potting shed and make a great place in the garden to work on your plants. Furthermore, it strengthens a bond between your kitchen and nature. The humble potting shed can be a quiet rustic design build, but it is also a quiet place to potter about, work with plants, and grow herbs. These can then be brought into the kitchen as part of the decorations or as part of recipes. Where to Place Your Potting Area The traditional potting shed is deliberately plac.. Read More
2017 has been a good year for kitchens with traditional forms continuing a fightback against bleaker, minimalist and modernist designs. As we are a quarter of the way through the new year, it seems a good time to examine the top 10 trends for new and renovated kitchens: 10. Custom Storage Not all kitchens are uniform or designed so simple, evenly spaced cabinets and storage units can be slotted in. Some have strange angles and leftover space. Custom storage spaces not only fill these up, but are being created to store different items and products. Storage is now customer-focused instead of .. Read More
More than perhaps any other room, you want your kitchen to be a place that is well organised. Having a sensible and optimised workflow will allow you to make the most of your kitchen and will make it easier at meal times as well as making it more enjoyable. These work for kitchens of all sizes, but especially smaller ones where space is a premium. Here are a few hints and tips for doing just that:Ingredients and EquipmentIdeally you want your ingredients and equipment to be as close to where you are using them as possible. For example, herb and spice racks are best placed near the stove, perha.. Read More
Most popular kitchen blogs and design blogs in general, will advise you to have light coloured kitchen cabinets. Lighter kitchens are used for a reason - they feel fresh, open, and can be easily adjusted with accessories to reflect all 4 seasons. Darker ones are seen as oppressive or wintry in their dominant darkness. However, this does not have to be the case. Strong, dark colours, can add quality and character to a kitchen if done well. Dark Colours Which Work As with any colour range, you have many options with darker shades than pale. However, there are 3 colours which .. Read More
Last year we covered how to design a kitchen island. In recent years they have become more and more popular in designer homes and renovations. The fault may lie with cooking programmes where every chef seems to have one. However, many of our kitchens are small and not suited to such a large piece of furniture. Is the kitchen island right for you or would you be better off without one? Or maybe by using a rolling kitchen island which can be stored out of the way? There are many options, but when designing your kitchen, it’s good to think of the pros and cons of having one.The ProsYou get more w.. Read More
With spring here and promises of better weather on the BBC, now is the time to think about creating an outdoor kitchen. Of course, with the weather in Britain being unpredictable, even having a BBQ outside is a risky affair, however with clever planning it is possible for you to create a kitchen which can become an outdoor kitchen on a sunny day. All you need is some creative thinking, space, and money.Designing an Interior that can become an ExteriorThe main trick in taking your kitchen outside is being able to switch from being an indoor one to an outdoor one. Naturally, it is possible to de.. Read More
Back in September we covered how to make your kitchen feel like autumn. We added more rustic colours and warmer curtains and drapes. In a way, spring is about moving in the opposite direction by letting the anticipated warmth of the season spill into your kitchen. Of course, this being Britain it’s anyone’s guess as to whether spring truly arrives or not, Just in case it does, this is how to make your kitchen feel like it. 1. Change with the ColoursWe’re talking about bright, fresh colours which reflect nature and make your kitchen feel sunnier. Winter was about darker, more rus.. Read More
In our last blog post, we covered a few lesser known spring cleaning tips for your kitchen. This time, we tackle the one cleaning task we hate the most in the kitchen - the appliances. If left to their own devices, they can become dirty, grimey messes which become steadily harder to clean and can actually pose a health risk in some circumstances; especially a poorly maintained and organised fridge. The Refrigerator Let’s start with the fridge, which if left unchecked can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. First, empty the fridge and throw away any expired item.. Read More
3 Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips: Spring is here and the sun has a higher chance of shining (In theory!). All around Britain the spring clean is on and the kitchen is one of the focal points. In later posts we’ll cover some of the tougher jobs when it comes to getting the kitchen to sparkle and feel new again, but today we will cover 3 alternative spring cleaning tips which are eco-friendly and easy to do. Use Natural Cleaning Products. Luckily, in Britain, our cleaning products are highly regulated. In other countries, such as America, toxic materials like ammonia and formal.. Read More
Sinks, Taps and WorktopsThis final piece in our series on how to choose your new kitchen will cover, as the title suggests, sinks, taps and worktops. These are the last of the major decisions for you to make about the harder to move or change elements of the kitchen. Once you have chosen your sinks, taps, and worktops, all that remains is to furnish your kitchen with appliances like kettles and toasters, choose your decorations, crockery and cookware etc… Sinks Like with cabinets and your white goods, the number and size of sinks available to you will depend on the size of .. Read More
Fixtures, Fittings and Finishes. Choosing the material, style, and type of cabinets is only part of the selection process. This article is going to talk you through what comes next - the accessories and finishes, which make your kitchen perfect, and makes them fit your home. Affordable cabinet finishes come in all shapes and sizes, but we have selected the best possible so that no matter what combination you choose, they will complement each other and make your kitchen stunning. 1. HingesThe standard hinge is the butt hinge, which is a simple two panel hinge with one screwed into the back.. Read More
Why choose a Handmade Kitchen? In this day and age there are really hundreds of beautiful handmade kitchens available. Ranging from modern sleek “Tru Handless” kitchens to very traditional freestanding kitchens with pilasters and ornate features, but when you are faced with the prospect of ploughing through all these to finally make a decision, what should you consider? We feel there are several important factors to think about: Style Construction Features Layout The future Below we talk about each of these and what we think is important. Style.. Read More
Choosing your Cabinets. By now you will have a rough idea of how you want your kitchen to look in plan form, but have you chosen your ideal cabinets yet? It is important with cabinets to balance both aesthetics and function. If done correctly, your cabinets could be the longest lasting item in your kitchen, lasting well over 50 years or longer depending on the materials used and how well looked after they are. Where to Start. Kitchen cabinets have the largest impact of any item on the feel of the room. They will help determine how you and guests interact with the kitchen and ima.. Read More
Designing Your Dream. In the latest blog posts we have covered whether you need a new kitchen and how to go about deciding what kind of kitchen you want. If you have got this far, then you know both what you want to keep and get rid of, and what you would like to put into the new kitchen. However, do you know how it will all fit together? How to Design Your New Kitchen. There are 5 simple steps you can follow to take your ideas into a simple design: 1. Measure your kitchen: First, you need to know the dimensions of your kitchen. This is quite simple, get a tape measure.. Read More
Making a Choice. Making the decision to change your kitchen is perhaps one of the harder things to do. For a lot of us, it’s easier to keep things the same until it is impossible not to change. However, the big question is what to do next. You might have been prompted by seeing a dream kitchen somewhere, in a magazine, or online, but is it suitable for your home? What if you have no idea at all about what you want but are certain in the knowledge that the status quo won’t do? This blog post covers a few steps which might make your choice easier. Should It Stay or Should It Go.&n.. Read More
High quality, bespoke, handmade kitchen cabinets will be the longest lasting element of your kitchen. Get them right and they will see you through several ovens, taps, sinks, fridges, maybe even different flooring and windows. Well made, wooden cabinets can last 50 years. However, if you are reading this blog, you might be looking at your current cabinets and thinking they are either out of date, out of style, or falling apart.Signs Your Cabinets are Beyond RepairA lot can fail on a cabinet. The most common problems which can tire a cabinet and prematurely age it are scratches and damage to th.. Read More
Green kitchen design is coming on fast. Along with other areas of the home, being environmentally friendly and sustainable is a fashionable buzzword, but is it doable? Yes, it is. You can use green materials such as wooden kitchen cabinets, and energy efficient devices, eco-friendly contractors, and offsetting to ensure your kitchen is as friendly to the environment as it is possible to be. If done right and all the correct things are considered, your holistic design can lead to a kitchen you not only love to be in and cook in, but one you feel proud of too.Good Planning is the KeyThe first th.. Read More
It is that time of year for most people, when the Christmas feasting leads to New Year resolutions for losing weight, being fitter, snacking less, and eating healthier. As you might suspect, the kitchen in a central part of this resolution alongside the gym which may or may not actually be used. However, it might be hard to truly envision a new you food and health wise in the future with the same old kitchen. If it is a cold room which never seems clean because everything is old and tired, or barely functions, or is just badly laid out, maybe it’s time to make a change. Make a B.. Read More
  This week, we have trawled the interior design blogs to see what the predicted trends of 2017 will be. However, as you might imagine, none of them agree with each other! Well, the new year is fast coming upon us, so now is the time to have a quick look through some of the predicted ins and also the outs. The Kitchen of Things The big technological advancement at the moment and in the foreseeable future will be the Internet of things. This is based around the idea of various gadgets from ovens to coffee machines, from your lights to your heating, and electric curtains, will be rem.. Read More
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