How to Look After Solid Wood Worktops

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How to look after solid Wood Worktops

Sealing after installation

The majority of people with solid wood worktops will apply oil to them to seal them and protect them once installed, this is a great way of protecting them as it creates a waterproof barrier, and really brings out the colours in the wood and gives them a lovely lustre.

You can get Danish Oil, Teak Oil and various other oils, realistically they all do similar things and will all protect the worktop, read the cans they come in and decide which is best for you. 

Some will be available in different “Tints” to change the colour of your worktops and bring out the oranges and browns.

Most you will need to do several coats before they are fully protected and it is often advised to rub down with wire wool between coats to bring out a lovely soft texture and make sure you get a smooth finish.

Whatever you decide your worktops NEED to be sealed.

Cleaning up after general spills and use

The very nature of a kitchen means that your worktops will be used for food preparation and they will get liquids and other substances on them.

Whatever it is that is spilled on the worktop the best advice is to clean it away as soon as possible so it can’t sit and penetrate the oil barrier.

If you are unlucky enough to get a stain that has marked the wood, there are several shop bought products that can help, if you have them in your cupboard it is worth a try, another method is Lemon juice and a wire wool, the acidity of the lemon will help remove the stain and the wire wool will scrub it.

Repairing stubborn stain or scratches

If you are unlucky enough to have a stubborn stain that wont shift or have scratched the wooden worktops, then there are a few options to try.

Sanding is the most effective option available for removing stains or scratches, the wood can then be re treated with oil to help protect it again and you have a brand new looking worktop again.

However, if the scratch is really deep and cant be sanded out easily, you can try “Hard Wax” this can be bought in various colours and can also be mixed together to get the perfect colour.

You then fill the scratch with the wax and rub off any excess, hopefully your scratch will be invisible!

What happens if I don’t look after my wooden worktop?

If all the good intentions get forgotten and you don’t look after your wooden worktop the worst thing that can happen is moisture turns the wood black in places.  Realistically if this happens, it is too late! You can’t remove it.

So wherever possible we would recommend re applying your protective oil once every 12 months as a minimum, if you do this your worktops can last a lifetime and look great.

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