Kitchen Trends for 2018

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It’s a new year, welcome to 2018, and time to see what the trends for this year are expected to be.

Will they be the same as 2017 or the polar opposites?

Last year was expected to be the year of going rustic, the kitchen of things, and the colour was Dark Blues. Let’s see what the new year has in stall for us with some of the predicted ins and also the outs.

Kitchen Trends for 2018: Texture is In

2018 could be the year where it’s not just what you see, but what you feel in your home. Some of the big DIY chains are expecting textured worktops to be the new in. While it could just be the case that they’ve ordered too many in the warehouse, it could be that people are moving away from smooth worktops to ones you can enjoy touching too - perhaps time to ditch the marble and go for granite? This could of course go beyond the worktop and encourage kitchen designers to literally feel as well as see. Though when designing your new touchy-feely kitchen do bear in mind some people such as those on the autism spectrum do have a hard time with certain textures. Have a look at our product choice list for more info on textures and colours.

Gold is Back - Move over Copper!

Not sure if blues has drifted off over the horizon, but the recent trend for copper could be following our prehistoric ancestral paths and moving into gold. In the past we had gold swords - heavy, useless, but shiny! Well, some predictions are that 2018 will see gold replacing copper as the go to non-steel metallic shine of the year. This could mean golden handles, mixing bowls, and other paired accessories. This could, however, get gaudy very fast so any use of gold in the kitchen should be subtle.

The Colour of the Year - Ultra Violet

This has not come from Dulux this year but Pantone, who have said their colour of 2018 will be Ultra Violet. If gold is a sign of wealth, then this vibrant purple is a gaudy version of Imperial Roman robes. Ok, so how do we fit this in? It’s suggested that this ‘you’re not going to miss it’ shade of purple be used as a provocative splashback or more subtly as a photo frame or trim.

Sticking with colours for a while, it’s expected that white will remain the dominant non-colour foundation, but some predict that grey will be seen as more elegant. Yet, others also state that dark paints will become more popular through the year. Greys and darks are difficult to work with and to balance out. Too much of either can bring down the mood of your kitchen and make it seem dark.

Watch What You’re Standing On

When designing your kitchen it can be too easy to forget the floor. The reigning king of good floors at the moment is hardwood. However, flagstones and other types of flooring remain popular too. Some believe that kitchen trends for 2018 will see ceramic tiled floors seriously challenge hardwood for dominancy. This may include the rather sneaky move of ceramic tiles designed to look like hardwood.

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