Making a Kitchen Bigger .... Without The Builders

image of Making a Kitchen Bigger .... Without The Builders

Making a kitchen bigger .... without the builders

No matter how big youre home and how big your kitchen, it always seems no matter how much space you have – you need more!!!

People nowadays spend a lot of time in their kitchen as open plan living has taken a stronghold in our homes, so space is becoming more and more important

Whilst in reality it is difficult to actually make a kitchen space bigger without an extension or major work, here are a few things we can do to give that illusion or make the storage work better for you.

Making your kitchen LOOK bigger

The best and easiest way of doing this is colour – light and reflective colours will help bounce light around and give the illusion of a bigger space.

Another great way of doing it is getting rid or minimising handles, this itself doesn’t detract from the space you have, just makes everything look bigger.

Dark Bold colours tend to have the opposite effect and will draw your eye in and make things look smaller.

Our second suggestion would be lighting – whether using LED downlights or Up lights it can create a totally different mood and atmosphere for your kitchen.

Whilst Under cabinets lights are popular, some of the more interesting and affective we have seen have been “under worktop” lights and Up lights above cabinets.

This former throws light down the front of the cabinet and the latter throws light up to the ceiling which is great if you have high ceilings.

Storage space

Storage is the all important thing in any kitchen, we usually have a limited amount of cabinets, and you would thing a limited amount of space, but sometimes that space can be optimised to maximum effect.

Even adding in an extra shelf or organising food so they are a similar height so you can include an additional shelf will give you a lot more storage space.

But one item itself we think gives you the best storage – Space towers! Otherwise known as internal drawers by the average laymen.

Internal drawers placed at the correct height can really maximise any space as you might get three drawer in where previously there were just two shelves.

Other things to consider

*Stay away from patterns, they can really make a space seem smaller

*De clutter – clear your worktops as much as possible (easier said than done – I know!)

*Organisation – Organised cupboards well thought out can hugely affect your storage space

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