Planning Your Bespoke Kitchen Around the Kitchen Work Triangle

Everyone, of course, is dreaming about a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. If you can move around your kitchen swiftly and effortlessly, you get things done quicker and have more time to sit back and enjoy.

When planning your new bespoke kitchen, make your design decisions based on the kitchen work triangle, also known as the golden triangle. Its basic meaning is placing the main work elements in a logical sequence to save time and energy.

The three main elements are fridge, sink and cooker. Although it might be tempting to place all three next to each other, this would turn up to be counter-productive and make the host's life really difficult. Professional kitchen designers don't recommend placing the cooker next to either of the other two elements. If this can't be avoided at all, make sure you leave a space of at least 10 inches.

What is the ideal distance from one triangle's apex to the other one? If possible, keep the distance at 4 feet exactly, however, if we're talking about planning a big kitchen, try to keep the distance to less than 8'10" otherwise you'll be covering a lot of ground every time you cook or do your chores.

Kitchen Work Triangle Depending on Layout

The actual configuration of the kitchen work triangle will differ depending on the kitchen layout. For example, you wouldn't be able to achieve a work triangle in a single-wall kitchen. In this case you would simply flatten your triangle and make sure all elements are laid out logically. Usually the sequence is cooker, sink and fridge - this is done so that the cleanup point is conveniently placed in the middle no matter what you do.

In a galley kitchen where walls are facing each other, it's much easier to achieve the golden triangle planning. You would place the fridge on one wall and the cooker and sink would go on the opposite wall.

Best practice in planning your bespoke kitchen is to keep the triangle sides as equal as possible. It's not always achievable. For example, in an L-shape kitchen. One of the sides would always be much longer than the rest of them, however, you would still try to place the sink midway from the fridge and cooker.

The best layout for achieving an ideal kitchen work triangle is a U-shape kitchen. By placing your work elements precisely in the middle of each wall, your triangle sides will be equal and the chores no longer feel like chores.

A U-shape kitchen with an island is an entirely different proposition. Most people will use the kitchen island to improve functionality of their kitchens. One thing you can do is to place either the cooker or the sink in the middle, and the other two elements on the opposite wall. However, there's a different approach, which you don't see used that often - when you have both the cooker and the sink on the island with the fridge placed on the wall behind.

This layout would only work if you're planning a big kitchen because, as you remember from the beginning of this article, you should leave at least a 10-inch space between the cooker and the sink. Similar considerations work for planning an L-shape kitchen with an island.

Your kitchen has to work in harmony with you, not against you. One of the main reasons why people decide they need a new kitchen, as told by our own customers, is because the old one was inconvenient and laid out against all logic. Make sure your new kitchen makes your life more enjoyable.

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