Which Worktops to Choose - Bushboard Evolve Edition

image of Which Worktops to Choose - Bushboard Evolve Edition

Which Worktops to choose – Bushboard Evolve Edition


As with our other blogs highlighting Granite & quartz, and Laminates.  Choosing a worktop is a difficult choice, often it will be the biggest single colour in your kitchen and can make or break a look.

Just to make that a little more difficult Bushboard (one of the biggest Suppliers of Laminate worktops in the UK) has just launched an entirely new product, and it looks REALLY interesting.

Basically, if you look at traditional Laminate worktops the outer layer is actually made up of layers of paper and resin hard pressed together, Bushboard have taken this further and kept layering the paper until it is some 12.5mm thick.

This product can then be cut and fitted in a similar way to wooden worktops, no need for edging or worrying about water penetration…. In the kitchen world this is pretty exciting! (Sorry – its not a very exciting world!)

Obviously it is more expensive that a traditional laminate, firstly because it is new, and secondly because it is different to make, we are sure over time prices will drop, but it is already way lower than similar “solid” worktops. Probably on average around ½ the cost of Granite or Quartz.


It comes in a range of colours from Whites, to stone look-a-likes to wood Look-a-likes

It is Non Porous, so shouldn’t ever have a problem with staining or bacteria.


We are hoping to get a display of this at our showroom in Christchurch soon, when we do we will be sure to update you!

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