Painted Inframe Kitchens vs Lay on KitchensIt’s the same with any big decision, you can see what you want in your mind, but the technical details are a blur. At Classic Kitchens Direct, we specialise in Painted inframe Kitchens. We take care of the technical details to help you turn your kitchen ideas into reality.To the end user, it is a mere aesthetic choice;Painted inframe kitchensDo you prefer a painted kitchen with inframe cabinets and fittings, otherwise known as an inset cabinet, the frames around the cabinet doors and drawers are visible and give a real homely, traditional kitchen feel.. Read More
Designing a custom kitchen is one of the most important projects you'll ever undertake. There is no room in your house that has such an impact on your physical, social, and emotional well-being. The family comes together in the kitchen. From the kids doing homework at the breakfast bar, to the adults getting in touch with their creativity with a new twist on a recipe, to the neighbors dropping in for a chat over tea, to those heavy family talks at the table, it is the central hub of the house. It is where the most important parts of life happen. You want to make sure that your custom design wi.. Read More
Domestic robots have long been the sole domain of futurists and sci-fi enthusiasts. People have dreamed of having robot butlers for as long as robots have existed. But with ever increasing AI technologies and growing precision in robotics, we are closer than ever to having robots helping us out around the kitchen – and the rest of the home, too! In fact, if you can afford the price tag, you could have a robot prepared meal right now. Moley: The Robot Master Chef Moley is the world's first robotic kitchen and it represents a gear change in smart home tech. Boasting an &ldqu.. Read More
Homes in the UK have been getting smaller since the 1970s, and the kitchen has not escaped this widespread downsizing. Kitchen space is at a premium – especially for those living in city flats. It's no surprise, then, that many homeowners are looking for ways to make their small kitchen look bigger. Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do to maximise the space in your kitchen. It just takes a little design know-how. Keep It Clean, Clear & Light Dark and dingy, big and bright. These phrases aren't just alliterative, they're indicative of something designers have known for.. Read More
Pantone have just announced their Colour of the Year for 2019 – and to many design experts and enthusiasts, it has come as a bit of a surprise.Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral, also known by the decidedly less catchy name PANTONE 16-1546.Living Coral: Warm, Life-Affirming, VibrantLiving Coral is a warm, peachy orange with a golden undertone that lends it a life-affirming feel.Inspired by the vibrant colouring of healthy sea coral, Pantone's colour experts are stressing the need for personal connection in an increasingly online world.In fact, in their press release, Pantone.. Read More
From solid wood to laminate, and quartz to stainless steel, kitchen worktops boast a huge variety of options for materials. There's one option that many people forget about – despite the fact that it may be perfect for them - concrete worktops.Concrete is quickly becoming a popular option for worktops, especially for bespoke kitchens.Are concrete worktops going to be the next big thing? Here's why we think they might be:Design Flexibility of Concrete WorktopsThe great thing about concrete for worktops is that it allows excellent flexibility in terms of design.Unlike quartz worktops that are ma.. Read More
Christmas is right around the corner and many people will be gearing up to bring a little festivity to their home décor in the next few weeks.But when it comes to the kitchen, Christmas decoration can be a bit... sparse.That hardly seems fair on whoever is sweating away over the hob this holiday season so, with the kitchen quickly becoming the social hub of the home, now is the time to give your Christmas kitchen decoration some thought.BaublesLet's start simple: baubles.Bauble are a mainstay of the Christmas season, but too often they are used only on the Christmas tree.Try hanging baubles fr.. Read More
The handmade kitchens industry is always on the lookout for skilled cabinet makers, making the profession a great choice for anyone looking to start a new career. Unfortunately, many people have no idea how they would even start down that path. Luckily, the process is quite easy. We have put together this short guide to give you the knowledge and resources you need to get started as a cabinet maker. Cabinet Maker Qualifications While there are no set qualifications for cabinet makers, you will need to develop carpentry and joinery skills. You could do this through an apprenticeship if you.. Read More
When the time comes to buy a new kitchen, there are two basic approaches you can take. You can go with a ready-made kitchen, or you can buy a bespoke kitchen. Which option is right for you? That depends entirely on your needs, budget and available time. Deciding whether to go bespoke or ready-made when buying a new kitchen is difficult, so we're here to help you decide what the right option is for you. What Is A Bespoke Kitchen? A bespoke kitchen is one that is designed and built specifically for you. This differs from a ready-made kitchen as it is not based on an existing design. When bu.. Read More
To Mark 2019 with a Bang we are offering a limited number of FREE iPad Pros for new orders delivered in Jan and Feb 2019 The last 1/4 of 2018 has been the busiest and biggest we have ever experienced - we have taken on new staff, spent money on new machines and investments and are looking forward to 2019. Whilst many of our competitors are talking about price rises, we are offering a FREE iPad Pro!!! See our KITCHEN SALE page for more info .. Read More
We create bespoke handmade kitchens every day, but in general they are all In-Frame and quite traditional. Recently we were approached by a client who had had one of our traditional kitchens before and he wanted us to make a modern True Handless version to the same high standards and quality.   We love a challenge and something new so we jumped at the chance. If you are unfamiliar with what a “True Handless” kitchen is, it basically is as it states, there is no handle to speak of, instead there is a recessed gap that the door or drawer closes up on and you just pull i.. Read More
With Halloween coming up, we know that many of you will be looking to add a little flavour to your kitchens with some seasonal décor. Great news – there are a lot of options for you! So if you want to know the trick to making your kitchen décor a treat this Halloween, we have some seasonal decoration ideas just for you. Pumpkins & Fruit Nothing screams “Halloween is here!” quite like the appearance of pumpkins in all the local supermarkets. Pumpkin carving is fun for all the family, and at the end you have some unique pumpkin art to display around the kitchen. It's easy to do, with .. Read More
The environment is at the top of a lot of people's agendas these days, but many options that bill themselves as "eco-friendly" or "green" are less than ideal for the environment.The kitchen is the number one place in the home for emission creation with numerous appliances and furnishings contributing to overall efficiency.If you are designing your sustainable kitchen, then we have some ideas that will really make a difference to the sustainability of the whole project.Sustainable Kitchen MaterialsCountertops and other kitchen furnishings are heavy duty compared to the furniture in the rest of .. Read More
The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in a modern home. To fit in with our busy lives, kitchen appliances have gotten smarter and smarter, giving us a plethora of smart kitchen gadgets to choose from. We have picked the best 8 and compiled them here to help you populate your kitchen with time savers, waste reducers and effort removers. 1. Amazon Echo Show With a 7 inch display and sturdy stand, the Amazon Echo Show is perfect for the kitchen. This has more utility in the kitchen than other Alexa-enabled products, due to the relatively large touch-enabled screen. Ask Alexa for re.. Read More
When buying a bespoke kitchen it is important to ensure that you have accurate measurements for every part of the space. Without this, you run the risk of purchasing counters, appliances and furniture that simply won't fit! Most of us have never had to measure a room before so it can seem like a daunting task. Luckily for you we have an easy guide right here to make measuring your bespoke kitchen a walk in the park. Make A List All good plans start with a list. In this case, you should make a list of all the things your bespoke kitchen absolutely must have. This will help you to plan wher.. Read More
Many people worry that having a small kitchen means that they will have to compromise on design or function.It doesn't have to be that way.It might be more difficult and require more planning, but with a little hard work you can turn your small kitchen in to the kitchen of your dreams.Laying Out A Small KitchenWhen space is at a premium, how that space is laid out is key.Think about how you use your kitchen on a daily basis – and be specific! For example, if you often make a cup of tea and some toast first thing in the morning, then it would be better for you to have the fridge, toaster, kettl.. Read More
Which Worktops to choose – Bushboard Evolve Edition   As with our other blogs highlighting Granite & quartz, and Laminates.  Choosing a worktop is a difficult choice, often it will be the biggest single colour in your kitchen and can make or break a look. Just to make that a little more difficult Bushboard (one of the biggest Suppliers of Laminate worktops in the UK) has just launched an entirely new product, and it looks REALLY interesting. Basically, if you look at traditional Laminate worktops the outer layer is actually made up of layers of paper and res.. Read More
A 21st century kitchen needs to be many things. It needs to be functional, a space where the family can gather for a meal as much as a space for a cook to work their magic. It needs to be stylish, contributing to the design of the home.Increasingly, however, sustainability is rising to the top of concerns for people designing their new kitchen.Designing a sustainable kitchen requires an extra layer of thought and planning, but armed with the right information and resources a sustainable kitchen can fall well within your budget.Sustainable Materials For The Modern KitchenThe good news for peopl.. Read More
Quartz and Granite worktops   In the kitchen world there are lots of different worktops available, in previous articles we have explored Laminate worktops, the benefits and downfalls, and today we will look at Quartz worktops and Granite worktops. Whenever speaking to a customer about quartz worktops and granite worktops the first thing we do is explain what the difference is. In simple Terms in the kitchen world Granite is a natural product, it is dug out of the ground, cut and polished and you get what nature created, every piece will be different.. Read More
2018 may not be over just yet, but the predictions for interior colour trends in 2019 are already being made.In fact, the kitchen colour trend predictions for next year began as early as February of this year with designers and design shows trying to work out what will be hot for 2019. There are two big trends predicted for 2019 – pastels, and earthy tones. Pastels In 2019 – Stockholm Furniture Fair As seen at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, pastel colours are set to be very popular in 2019 according to many in the industry. Whites look like they are on the way out, replaced with light paste.. Read More
If you are thinking about a new kitchen, worktops is a MAJOR part of this, both on how it can change and influence the way your kitchen will look and also on the overall budget. The majority of our customers seem to plump for Quartz or Granite, which are in themselves beautiful hardwearing and make a kitchen look great, but they can also cost a lot and make a big dent in any budget. Laminates are an alternative and in general we would consider them to be the most cost effective (cheapest!) worktop you can choose. But does that mean they aren’t any good? In our view “defini.. Read More
Everyone, of course, is dreaming about a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. If you can move around your kitchen swiftly and effortlessly, you get things done quicker and have more time to sit back and enjoy.When planning your new bespoke kitchen, make your design decisions based on the kitchen work triangle, also known as the golden triangle. Its basic meaning is placing the main work elements in a logical sequence to save time and energy.The three main elements are fridge, sink and cooker. Although it might be tempting to place all three next to each other, this would turn up to b.. Read More
How to Create the Country Kitchen Look in your Kitchen   Increasingly in the glossy magazines we have been seeing a shift towards more traditional “country” style kitchens, if pulled off well they can be stunning and really make a home cosy and lovely to be in. But what makes a kitchen look like a country style kitchen? The main factor for us is that it can’t look too “factory finished” ideally it will be hand painted, have “skirting style” plinth (Our P1 plinth) have T&G sides and a little bit of wood on display, whether that is in the form of open cabinets, glaz.. Read More
How to look after solid Wood Worktops Sealing after installation The majority of people with solid wood worktops will apply oil to them to seal them and protect them once installed, this is a great way of protecting them as it creates a waterproof barrier, and really brings out the colours in the wood and gives them a lovely lustre. You can get Danish Oil, Teak Oil and various other oils, realistically they all do similar things and will all protect the worktop, read the cans they come in and decide which is best for you.  Some will be available in different “Tints.. Read More
Belfast and Butler Sinks……   Many of the kitchens we supply include either a Belfast or a butler sink. To most of us mere mortals they are the same, but there is a subtle difference between the two.   Belfast sinks originated in Belfast (Of all places!) where there was a ready supply of fresh water, because of this they incorporated a built in Overflow to stop the sink filling too high as people would often just leave the tap on and let it fill whilst they were doing something else. However in London where the Butler sink originated Fresh water was in sho.. Read More
Making a Kitchen Accessible   Making a kitchen Accessible and easier to use for anyone with a disability or special needs is becoming more and more prevalent. As the UK population ages and the baby boom generation retire the demands on our homes and kitchens change. Thankfully as technology moves forward and the market for this type of thing grows the cost also comes down. There are now a huge range of clever features and adaptions that can be made to existing or new kitchens to make accessibility easier or more practical, these include planning ovens so they are a.. Read More
White kitchen or natural wood kitchen? But why limit yourself to just those two options if you can have millions of options to choose from? Hand painted kitchens have been climbing up the popularity ranks for the last few years as people are getting braver and braver with their interior design colour choices.You don't need to search far for encouragement. Urges to let loose with the paintbrush are coming from all sources imaginable - interior magazines and thought leaders. For example, Pantone publishes their Colour of the Year guide annually featuring one bold colour that pe.. Read More
Making the Most of Those Hard to Reach Spaces in Your Kitchen   No matter how well your kitchen is designed you are likely to have at least one cupboard that is a blind corner or a hard to reach storage space. In the past this was just a fact of life and there was nothing you could do about it.  But now there are lots of options! Some better than others, but here we will explore a few, and look at some of the advantages and disadvantages.   There are quite a few reasons why a cupboard could be hard to reach, for example, it might be going into a corn.. Read More
We love heritage in this country. It seems that the English architectural traditions are enjoying a wave of popularity with so many new homes built to resemble Georgian, Elizabethan or even Tudor styles. If you have a house that looks amazing from the outside, you might also want to follow the trend inside and make sure your English kitchen fits the overall style.What is an English kitchen and how to create it?When we say English kitchen, most of you will probably think about Downton Abbey with its grandiose kitchen featuring an enormous kitchen island and beautiful stone til.. Read More
New Range Available – Our Sawmill Kitchen   We are excited to have just installed a new display at our Christchurch showroom.   We are calling it our “Sawmill” range, it is made to the same traditional methods we have always used but embraces the current Urban Rustic trends that so many of the Kitchen Magazines have lately. We have also at the same time shown this on a Plywood carcase with Plywood Drawer boxes, this again is something completely new to us, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly makes the cabinets different from anything else you woul.. Read More
Now that you have your dream kitchen installed, how do you take it to the next level? One of the answers might be in smart home technology. You will have probably heard about smart heating technology - Hive, Nest and other smart thermostats. You can hardly surprise anybody with a smart TV, however, smart cooking and connected kitchen appliances is something new. Some of the readers who've been following the technology advancement throughout the years will remember Holland Electro Wave TV - a TV integrated in a microwave oven that made its début and flopped back in 2007. Luckily, we've gon.. Read More
We have today added a new range of stunning copper sinks and taps to our website. Copper is the latest trend and this particular shade of copper is stunning, We will shortly have a new display in our Christchurch showroom with a sample of the copper sink (single bowl) and a single lever copper tap. We think they will add a real wow to any kitchen and be bang on trend for 2018 and beyond. Made of high quality 1.2mm stainless steel and then coated with copper finish... Read More
The choice and variety of kitchen handles these days is just amazing. With the rise of sites like Pinterest and "Not on the Highstreet" finding something that little bit different is becoming easier and easier.   Over the years we have seen styles and fashions change from big bar handles to Cup handles, to knobs, to Wooden handles, back to bar handles, back to cups, and the story continues. Ultimately the choice you make for the handles will change the entire look of your kitchen so it is a BIG decision. So take your time and get a few samples.   Colours/Finishes of Kitchen Ha.. Read More
  Working in the kitchen industry we often get asked about worktops, the benefits of materials, the drawbacks and always the "what do you have in your kitchen?" question. Realistically, worktops can make up a BIG part of the budget if certain materials are chosen but can also be a very cheap part of the kitchen budget if others are selected. In this blog we will look at the main types of kitchen worktops, some benefits, some problems, costs and considerations. Worktops can be a minefield, and can be confusing, so when explain to customers the options we almost al.. Read More
Brand New Range of Handmade Kitchens   We have recently launched a brand new range of handmade kitchens at Classic Kitchens Direct. Due to price rises at an unprecedented rate (almost 30% increase on raw materials since the Brexit vote) we decided to look at ways of getting the same look and cabinet quality but at a cheaper price than our current “Premium” range. We have called our new range the “Pure” range. It features the same Veneered Oak MDF carcases for strength and durability along with stunning looks, and the same Dovetailed oak drawer boxes that look just.. Read More
According to a recent UK survey carried out by Balvenie whisky distillery, interior designer is the 3rd most coveted career path by British people (behind photographer and rock musician). With so many people dreaming of becoming an interior designer, what would be the best first step to make in order to turn this dream into a reality? Well, we make kitchens; we're not career advisors, however, if we were, we would suggest you start by designing your own kitchen!Of course, neither interior designer skills nor 3D interior design software skills or more specifically kitchen design software skills.. Read More
Although you may argue that there is no right and wrong, or that there is no accounting for the taste when it comes to interior design, there is a reason why some kitchen design examples inspire you while others simply make you want to avert your eyes.It's not about the use of bold textures or bold colours. In fact, the last few years have seen interior designers step away from the traditional magnolia/white themes and introduce daring colours. It is a question of using colours in a clever way - in a way that is based on knowledge and colour theory.You will have heard about things like colour .. Read More
How to Get That Dream Handmade Bespoke Kitchen for Less As the suppliers of high-end handmade bespoke kitchens at affordable prices, we find that our customers tend to be people who visit the stunning high street shops, fall deeply in love with the kitchens, only to look at the price and have a heart attack. The next step for them tends to be Google and searches such as “affordable handmade kitchens” or “Bespoke handmade kitchens direct” and that’s where they find Classic Kitchens Direct. We see quotes from these high end suppliers all the time and often ourselves we baulk .. Read More
Planning Your New Bespoke Handmade Kitchen In our opinion, before you even look at any styles of kitchens, you need to seriously think about the layout that will work for you and your lifestyle. Then no matter what colour or style you have it will be a great kitchen. Many of us will have heard about “The golden Triangle” The Golden Triangle This is the theory that you should have your Sink, Cooker and Fridge within a few steps of each other, but obviously not so close as to make it uncomfortable to use. The theory is great, but often we see the reality isn’t quite .. Read More
Is Copper the NEW gold?More and more in design magazines we are seeing copper as a trend colour and accessory.This has now started to filter through and increasingly there are more and more products available in copper than ever before.From Sink to Taps, Handles or Light fittings, Toasters to Saucepans, if its in the kitchen it does seem that someone has now decided to make it out of copper.On the right layout and if not over done it can add a really impressive elegant touch to any kitchen, but too much and I'm sorry... you've lost us!One of our suppliers "Caple" have recently introduced a new.. Read More
Lighting for every aspect of your kitchen life – a rough guide Well thought out Kitchen Lighting has the power to transform a kitchen from a workspace to social gathering point with the flick of a switch. Increasingly our kitchens are becoming more and more multifunctional as open plan living takes hold. Cleverly planned lighting can also have an amazing effect on the look of a kitchen, it can compensate for low levels of natural light and it can also hide or shadow parts of the area you don’t want highlighted. Most people make the mistake of leaving lighting to the ve.. Read More
Making a kitchen bigger .... without the buildersNo matter how big youre home and how big your kitchen, it always seems no matter how much space you have – you need more!!! People nowadays spend a lot of time in their kitchen as open plan living has taken a stronghold in our homes, so space is becoming more and more important Whilst in reality it is difficult to actually make a kitchen space bigger without an extension or major work, here are a few things we can do to give that illusion or make the storage work better for you. Making your kitchen LOOK bigger The best and e.. Read More
Everyone know the saying " a picture can tell a thousand words" but where does it come from?Well a bit of research has told us that it is an ancient chinese proverb, surprisingly first seen in the west in a Car Tyre advert in 1927!!That got us thinking, that if a picture can tell a thousand words, what about a video!! Surely logic dictates that should be more!!So we decided to create a short explainer video showing what we can do.enjoy...... Read More
Contrast Kitchens are a thing…. Officially!   For those of us working in the kitchen industry we see colours rise in popularity and then slowly disappear again and again, month after month, year after year.   2017 – was the year of Dark Grey, quickly moving into Dark blue, and so far 2018 for us looks like the year of “off White” (But only time will tell)   One thing for sure is that Contrast kitchens (Having two colours on your cabinetry) is here to stay.   They have been popular for some time now and don’t look like they are going anywhere fast.   Here at C.. Read More
Wow what a difference a day makes…… Last week the UK saw the brunt of not only the “Beast from the East” but also Storm “Emma” at the same time, this bought the UK a level of snow I honestly can’t ever remember seeing in my lifetime. But just a few days later the evidence of this seems to have disappeared along with the snow. We at Classic Kitchens Direct are VERY hopeful that spring may be just around the corner. We have our fingers and toes crossed (Ouch!) Spring in kitchen terms is the time to start planning and getting your new kitchen project off the ground. Her.. Read More
To help people get a quick and easy idea of what we do at Classic Kitchens Direct we have compiled a short introductory video.We hope it will give people a quick understanding of what we do, how we do it and what the process is.Showing a range of our beautiful kitchens, along with an explainer on how to get a quote, the process etc.Also included is some interesting info that I am sure a lot of people will be surprised at - the average cost of one of our handmade kitchens..... .. Read More
It's time to look at some kitchen stats and facts. Although it may seem as if most people are eating out and spending less time in their kitchens, the kitchen furniture industry has grown significantly.Today, it's £1.4 billion-strong industry in the UK, while across the Atlantic, it’s grown into a $16 billion whopper. More than 1,200 companies are making and installing kitchens in the UK, having created 14,200 jobs. In the USA more than 115,000 people are employed by 10,000 companies working in the kitchen trade.These kitchen stats show how big an industry it is. Looking at the overall output .. Read More
Hmmm - the English weather!the End of February is fast approaching and one minute we have beautiful sun and not a cloud in the sky, the next we have frost and sometimes even snow!!But spring is approaching and traditionally this has been the time for spring cleaning.Perhaps "Spring cleaning" the way it used to be has long since past, it originated long ago when houses were sealed up as much as possible for the cold winters before central heating, and air flow was limited as much as possible to try and keep any precious warmth in the house.This meant that for months the house had stale air and .. Read More
Over the last 10 years it is certainly true to say that the industrial look has taken a strong foothold in UK design, kitchens have been a big part of this, and although not to everyone's taste, a well thought out industrial looking kitchen can not only be practical it can be beautiful.Strong dark colours for the cabinets have long been the favourite mixed with industrial looking light shades, exposed brick walls and minimalist clutter.Over the years at Classic Kitchens Direct we have been fortunate enough to help create some truly stunning kitchens with our clients.We look forward to many man.. Read More
Check out our latest handmade kitchen brochure (LINK BELOW) - now available as a PDF download from our website or Facebook page.Featuring many of the stunning handmade bespoke kitchens we have done over the years and general information on the companyClassic Kitchens Direct Brochure 2018 V1.. Read More
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