Which Cookbooks Does Your Home Need??

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These days it seems that whenever you look at a kitchen in a magazine or on some “influencers” blog they are filled with books by one celebrity chef or another.

It left us wondering – Are they any good? And is there anything better?

We decided to do some research and to look through and even try some of the recipes for ourselves!

Some results were better than others, but that could be to do with our cooking skills rather than the books instructions!!

Fist up we looked at the amazing amount of Jamie Oliver books you can buy, it seems Jamie has an answer for any scenario and you can get books on the following:-

*If you only have 15 minutes!

*If you only have 30 minutes!

*If you only have 5 Ingredients!

But joking aside he has been a busy man and according to Wikipedia has released some 26 Books

He is a firm favourite in our household and we have tried quite a few of his recipes, which one way or another seem to in general work out quite well.

His books not only have some nice recipes but can look quite aesthetically pleasing and the colours go well with a modern kitchen

Next up we had a peak at what Mary Berry had to offer, again, since Bake Off she has been a busy lady with some 70+ cookbooks published since the 1970’s!!!

Her most famous and some say the ultimate is the “Baking Bible” which is full of advice, tips, recipes and much more.

We tried some of the recipes and we loved the results. Well done Mary!

Next up is her “Bake Off” Buddy, Paul Hollywood. Again since “bake off” Paul has been busy and has published numerous books, his main subject of course being Bread.

Again we tried a few and had what I would call “Limited Success” but that is probably down to my skills rather than the book!

On top of all this there are also it seems a million books on different diets, food groups, dietary requirements, etc.

So after all this what books should you have in your kitchen?

Well the opinion of the people in our office seems to be “style” over “substance” and the majority opted for books with colours hat complimented their kitchen rather than the actual info it had inside!

It seems that in 2019, books in the kitchen seem to be a decoration rather than a reference, the favourite reference we found was BBC Recipes website!

Again we tried lots of recipes from here and found a lot of nice stuff, the benefit for us was they are all rated so you can see what people think before you try it for yourself!

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