Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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Christmas is right around the corner and many people will be gearing up to bring a little festivity to their home décor in the next few weeks.

But when it comes to the kitchen, Christmas decoration can be a bit… sparse.

That hardly seems fair on whoever is sweating away over the hob this holiday season so, with the kitchen quickly becoming the social hub of the home, now is the time to give your Christmas kitchen decoration some thought.


Let’s start simple: baubles.

Bauble are a mainstay of the Christmas season, but too often they are used only on the Christmas tree.

Try hanging baubles from light fixtures (where safe!), or from cabinet handles and the corners of shelves. With a little bit of sellotape or a drawing pin, you can hang a bauble pretty much anywhere!


It’s always fun to embarrass holiday guests with some strategically placed mistletoe, but there are some less mischievous ways to use greenery to bring the Christmas cheer.

Mistletoe, holly and ivy are great for bringing a festive look to the kitchen.

A Christmas wreath can also look great in a kitchen, especially if there is a surplus of wall space.

You might even consider a Christmas tree – provided you have a large enough kitchen! In fact, even a medium-sized kitchen could use a small tree to “spruce” up the place.

Red, White & Green

In terms of general décor like tablecloths, kitchenware, crockery and the like, sticking to a Christmas theme of red, white and green is guaranteed to bring a festive sparkle to meal times.

Napkins, crackers, glassware and mugs are also good fodder for a Christmas theme.

However, there is no reason that you have to stick to these colours at all if it doesn’t fit the design of your kitchen. There are always plenty of options at this time of year, so take a Sunday and find something that works for you.

Christmas Lighting

Fairy lights are perfect for the season and can be easily strung up along the edges of cabinets, counters and cupboards.

Candles are another festive light source and can lend a cosy winter feel to the kitchen. Scented varieties can add another dimension to the Christmas season, with scents like gingerbread, cranberry and sandalwood sure to impress guests.

Arts, Crafts & Ornaments

For those lovers of knick-knacks and miscellany, Christmas is hunting season.

Go for handmade ornaments around a Christmas theme, and really go for it! While the kitchen might benefit from a clean, modern and uncluttered look for most of the year, Christmas carries with it a sort of cluttered feel that only adds to its charm.

It’s hard to make a Christmas kitchen too busy, décor-wise.

Pay particular attention to the dining table (or wherever you eat at Christmas). A few ornaments on the table during Christmas dinner can work wonders for the look and feel of the whole day.


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