Creepy Kitchen Decor Ideas For Halloween

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With Halloween coming up, we know that many of you will be looking to add a little flavour to your kitchens with some seasonal décor.

Great news – there are a lot of options for you!

So if you want to know the trick to making your kitchen décor a treat this Halloween, we have some seasonal decoration ideas just for you.

Pumpkins & Fruit

Nothing screams “Halloween is here!” quite like the appearance of pumpkins in all the local supermarkets.

Pumpkin carving is fun for all the family, and at the end you have some unique pumpkin art to display around the kitchen. It’s easy to do, with plenty of resources online for all ages.

You can use them as light pieces or simple display pieces. Pay attention to the size of the pumpkins you buy, though – a few small pumpkins go a long way.

In fact, autumnal themes are great for Halloween if you aren’t as in to the scary side.

Wooden fruit bowls stocked with apples, grapes and other vibrant fruits can bring a rustic, harvest-like feel to your kitchen.

If you prefer your display items not to be edible, there are some fantastic ready-made arrangements available online that don’t require you to keep replacing fruit.

Spooky Centrepieces

The key to decorating a kitchen for Halloween is in the centrepiece.

A bowl of treats usually goes down well and stays on theme. A ghoul or skeleton hand crawling in to the bowl adds some creepiness.

Candles are also great, preferably with gothic candlesticks or stands. However, the creepiest candles we’ve seen for Halloween are wax figurines of ghoul and monsters.

As they are used, the wax drips down, creating a macabre tableau for your holiday guests.

Hanging Decorations

Clutter and claustrophobia are hallmarks of the Halloween style, and nothing adds to that more than decorations that hang down in to the space.

Decorative bats, skeletons, webs and spiders are all traditional and widely available.

Just be careful about where you hang them – the kitchen still needs to be used, so you need to make sure you aren’t creating obstacles or fire hazards.

Windows are great places to hang banners and bunting, as well as a great place for webbing where it isn’t going to get in the way.

Gloomy Lighting

For the truly ghoulish finish, Halloween lighting is a must.

Dimmable lights are preferable, but in a pinch some light coverings will do the job just fine. Pale greens are perfect for adding that spooky look to your kitchen.

Candles also add to the atmosphere, and are available in Halloween themes.

The Devil In The Detail

Finally, the real trick to getting your kitchen Halloween ready is in paying attention to the little details. Check our previous Halloween kitchen ideas article for further inspiration.

Almost every item in your kitchen can be replaced with a spooky themed version.

Getting some Halloween themed crockery, display jars, cutlery and other utensils can be a cheap and clever way of adding an extra air of spookiness!

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