How To Measure Your Bespoke Kitchen

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When buying a bespoke kitchen it is important to ensure that you have accurate measurements for every part of the space.

Without this, you run the risk of purchasing counters, appliances and furniture that simply won’t fit!

Most of us have never had to measure a room before so it can seem like a daunting task. Luckily for you we have an easy guide right here to make measuring your bespoke kitchen a walk in the park.

Make A List

All good plans start with a list. In this case, you should make a list of all the things your bespoke kitchen absolutely must have.

This will help you to plan where you would prefer certain appliances and furniture to be placed. While you are measuring the room, you will get a better feel for how it might all fit in.

Measure The Walls & Ceiling

Grab a metal tape measure and a friend. This will make the measuring process much easier, as with two people it is easier to hold the tape straight.

You’ll also need grid paper to sketch the room out and jot down the measurements.

Measure from one wall edge to the next, noting down exact measurements in millimetres. Do the same from floor to ceiling.

Remember: Measure twice, cut (or jot down) once.

At this point it will become clear if the room is square, rectangular or crooked, which is important when planning what to put in the corners.

Measuring Windows, Doors and Other Immovables

Now that you have basic dimensions, it’s time to set out where the other features are.

For windows and doors, you need to measure from the wall edge to the edge of the window or door, then measure across the window or door, then to the other wall edge. For some windows and doors, you might need to measure frame thickness.

Do the same for the height, measuring from the ground to the sill and top to the ceiling.

We can use the same methods to locate the electrical sockets, wall studs and any other immovables in the room like lighting fixtures and switches.

Check Your Measurements

Everybody makes mistakes, but because you have broken down the measurements we can check that everything adds up.

Make sure the ceiling height and the window measurements match up, then do the same horizontally.

Measure Any White Goods

Any white goods that are to be kept for your bespoke kitchen need to be measured.

You will need to note the width, height and depth for all such appliances. It might also be useful to jot down where they are currently placed too, especially if you would prefer not to move them.

Job Done!

And that’s how to measure your bespoke kitchen.

At this point you have a good outline of the space you have available, ready for sending it across to us so that we can prepare a kitchen quote for you.

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