Kitchen Colour Trends – Predictions for 2019

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2018 may not be over just yet, but the predictions for interior colour trends in 2019 are already being made.In fact, the kitchen colour trend predictions for next year began as early as February of this year with designers and design shows trying to work out what will be hot for 2019.

There are two big trends predicted for 2019 – pastels, and earthy tones.

Pastels In 2019 – Stockholm Furniture Fair

As seen at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, pastel colours are set to be very popular in 2019 according to many in the industry.

Whites look like they are on the way out, replaced with light pastels and cream colours in a move to a more layered, retro design style. To complement, we are looking at Terracotta, Chocolate, Beige and Mushroom hues.

This would be quite a change from this year, where rich tones and strong colours rule the roost. Altogether, the trends at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and other design shows suggest a toned down, softer and brighter feel to 2019 in terms of interior design.

Earthy Tones In 2019 – Pantone “Cravings” & “Classico”

Of course, pastels aren’t the only direction 2019 might take in terms of interior colour trends. The experts over at Pantone have a couple of palettes that they are predicting will be the big interior colour trends of 2019.

Their “Cravings” palette aims as much at the taste buds as it does at the eyes. Spicy reds and rich purples provide the heat for the cool green to temper, with Butterum and Cappuccino serving as delectable neutrals.

On the other hand, “Classico” takes us back to a more classic, enduring style. Swan white and camel tan meets a warm burgundy, deep teal and caviar black, with rich gold and dusty apricot rounding out the palette.

We can see from these two palettes that Pantone sees warm, earthy tones as the big interior colour trend for 2019. Once you have seen these palettes for yourself, you will find it difficult to disagree with them. On the other hand, their Colour of the Year 2018 didn’t quite make the impression that was expected. We didn’t get as many orders for ultra violet kitchens as predicted.

Other Interior Colour Trends For 2019

Matte Black may well be making a comeback, if it can be said that it ever went away.

In fact dark, luxurious tones are likely to be relatively popular as a contrast to the lighter pastels, echoing the toned down offering of Pantone’s “Classico”

.Gold and brass as accents are likely to remain popular for the third year running.Finally, look out for Apricot Orange, a more mature Maroon evoking red wine rather than rose, and of course the enduring staying power of Terracotta.

So those are the top interior colour trend predictions for 2019, straight from the designer’s palette. Whether we see pastels on the rise next year, or warm, earthy tones making a comeback, what we do

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