Making a Kitchen Accessible

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Making a kitchen Accessible and easier to use for anyone with a disability or special needs is becoming more and more prevalent.

As the UK population ages and the baby boom generation retire the demands on our homes and kitchens change.

Thankfully as technology moves forward and the market for this type of thing grows the cost also comes down.

There are now a huge range of clever features and adaptions that can be made to existing or new kitchens to make accessibility easier or more practical, these include planning ovens so they are at an accessible height, Pull out accessories to allow the user to access cupboard contents easily, height adjustable worktops and even height adjustable wall cabinets.

We have been making bespoke cabinetry for many years and it became clear that what is currently on offer from various places is really very poor quality and very basic.  Our feeling was that we could and can do better… 

You no longer have to have “what is available” and you can truly have a custom quality accessible kitchen, whether that is in a modern style or a more classic style doesn’t matter, we can do both.

We take into account the needs of every individual that approaches us and requires an accessible kitchen, we then discuss with them the items in “standard” kitchens they find hard to use, those they like and ideas and wish lists they have.

We then go away and design a bespoke kitchen for them with all the features required. 

Do 3D plans and CAD drawings and work out costs and pricing.

We then fully manage the install and fit of the kitchen and accessories to make sure they work well and are what is required.

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