Hand Painted Kitchens as a Way to Accentuate Your Individual Style

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White kitchen or natural wood kitchen? But why limit yourself to just those two options if you can have millions of options to choose from? Hand painted kitchens have been climbing up the popularity ranks for the last few years as people are getting braver and braver with their interior design colour choices.

You don’t need to search far for encouragement. Urges to let loose with the paintbrush are coming from all sources imaginable – interior magazines and thought leaders. For example, Pantone publishes their Colour of the Year guide annually featuring one bold colour that people could try to incorporate in their everyday lives. In 2018 the Colour of the Year is purple. Although we don’t expect many existing customers picking up their phones asking us to repaint their kitchens in purple, this bold colour certainly has a place in modern interiors – be it a feature wall, accessories or indeed the whole hand painted kitchen.

The history of hand painted furniture is steeped in tradition. The first examples of painted wooden surfaces used in interior date back to Ancient Egypt. It was the Romans who perfected the technique and spread this tradition across Europe.

One of the main things that make hand painted kitchen furniture awesome and unique is endless choice. If you order a bespoke kitchen, you are already on the right path of creating something unique that defines you as an individual, however, when you choose the paint, this is where you begin to express yourself to a full extent.

The paint can be mixed in any combinations imaginable. This is what we meant at the beginning when we said there are millions of choices.

Another trend that is finding its way into the UK’s kitchens is contrast paint. It can be a case of using contrast paint on the cabinets or keeping them monochrome and making a bold statement by painting kitchen walls with a contrast paint. Although it may seem like a step too far, the traditional colour theory supports this trend. If you pick the so-called complementary colours – or colours that are situated on opposite sides of the colour wheel, you will achieve a colour harmony. Having said that, don’t be bound by theories or rules. It’s your kitchen and only you can decide which colours will turn it from a random space into your unique space.

Hand Painted Kitchens aren’t a Compromise

At some point in not so distant past paint was used to disguise imperfections of wooden furniture. This was when the knots and wood grain were considered a sign of low quality. This is no longer the case – just look at birds-eye maple or traditional pine furniture. You no longer need to disguise those knots because they’re back in fashion. Hence hand painted kitchen furniture no longer triggers association with “hidden imperfections”

So if you’re looking for ways to make your kitchen truly unique, chat with us about the painting options.

DIY Doesn’t Always Deliver Results

Although we don’t want to discourage people from getting creative, we’ve seen many DIY hand painted kitchens falling short of the expectation. The finished result always comes down to three main factors:

  • How well the surface is prepared
  • Quality and application of the undercoat layers
  • Paint used

Painted kitchen cabinets need to withstand different challenges than, let’s say bedroom furniture. It is subjected to a sharp change in temperature and humidity, it needs to be washable and it can’t crumble every time you touch it. There are special materials that we use to achieve a factory level finish and the results are always stunning.

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