Is Copper The NEW Gold?

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Is Copper the NEW gold?

More and more in design magazines we are seeing copper as a trend colour and accessory.

This has now started to filter through and increasingly there are more and more products available in copper than ever before.

From Sink to Taps, Handles or Light fittings, Toasters to Saucepans, if its in the kitchen it does seem that someone has now decided to make it out of copper.

On the right layout and if not over done it can add a really impressive elegant touch to any kitchen, but too much and I’m sorry… you’ve lost us!

One of our suppliers “Caple” have recently introduced a new range to include sinks and taps, and we think they are stunning

We love this trend so much we will shortly be installing a brand new “Rough Cut” display in the front window of our Christchurch Showroom.

Featuring Copper handles, Copper tap and copper sink.

After lots of research and countless images on Pinterest, Google Images, etc we think it will add a really nice finish to our showroom.

Once it is up and running we will post some info and hope many of you can come and see our creation in person

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