Is it too early for Spring cleaning your kitchen…….

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Hmmm – the English weather!

the End of February is fast approaching and one minute we have beautiful sun and not a cloud in the sky, the next we have frost and sometimes even snow!!

But spring is approaching and traditionally this has been the time for spring cleaning.

Perhaps “Spring cleaning” the way it used to be has long since past, it originated long ago when houses were sealed up as much as possible for the cold winters before central heating, and air flow was limited as much as possible to try and keep any precious warmth in the house.

This meant that for months the house had stale air and moisture was abundant in the house, along with mould growth and damp.

When the weather changed people would take the opportunity open the windows and let fresh air in……. and clean away all the dirt and mould.

Hopefully houses these days don’t have such problems, but the term “Spring Clean” has endured and people still do it.

Its a great time to clear out the old cupboards and have a proper rummage as to what is lurking in that Blind corner you never look in.

In our opinion now is a great time to start thinking about doing this and de cluttering and cleaning the kitchen.

It not only looks great when it is done, but it gives you a great sense of achievement (at least until the kids get home from school anyway!!)

We find the best way is to start on the “worst” cupboard and get that one out he way, the rest should then be like skiing downhill 🙂

but one important thing is to GET STARTED…



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