How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Christmas

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How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Christmas

Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home or maybe the stomach, but it is one of the focal points of your Christmas Day. It’s easy to just think the kitchen is fine as it is and you can rock and roll on the day, get the turkey roasted, food prepared, dished up and put on the table like that. However, experience probably tells you that it’s not quite that simple. With Christmas coming up fast, now is the time to prepare your kitchen – whether old or new, for the big day.

Clean the Fridge

Australian fridge expert, Jean-Marc Adele says that prior to Christmas you really need to clear out the fridge and make sure everything which should be there is, and that which should not is gone. Get rid of old vegetables, condiments, and other things beyond use. Now is a good time to clear it, clean it, and make it all fresh for your party foods. Oh and while your fridge is now a little emptier, stock it with fresh goodies.

Do a Specific Christmas Day Shop

First off, do a list of what you are going to eat on Christmas day and what you’ll need to achieve this. If you are ordering a turkey, best to do it as early as possible. Some of those items you might have in the home already, so you can tick those off then head out to the shops to get these items specifically. By doing it in one shop you know your Christmas day will be ok. Personally, I’d include Boxing Day too in this shop. Of course you can do other standard shops separately to cover the rest of the holiday period.

Before Shopping, Clean the Whole Kitchen

Christmas often brings a lot of things into the kitchen, so now’s the time to clear out the old, like with the fridge, and to clean everything. Sure the act of cooking on Christmas day is going to make everything messy, but you want it to look nice beforehand. Do a really deep clean as well as an inventory of what you have. This is the perfect time to make your kitchen look at its best.

Bring in the Seasonal Plates

Now is the time to bring out the seasonal plates, cups, glasses, crockery, cooking wear and so on. Don’t wait for the day itself, get them out now. They will be a little dusty, so it’s a good idea to give them a bit of a winter clean, so they can be used right away on Christmas Day.

Prepare for Leftovers

There will be more food than you can eat. Always is. So, ask yourself – do you know what you are going to do with it all? Can it be stored and reused? It’s a good opportunity to get long term storage items, but also to buy in some extra foods to mix with leftovers, say for bubble and squeak on Boxing Day.

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